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How Do I Generate A Disposable Email?

November 21, 2010 by admin  
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default How Do I Generate A Disposable Email?

whyspam.me Shows you how to generate a disposable email.

This is a tutorial on how to make a wireless lagswitch with notepad for the Xbox 360 and PS3. With voice. I do not suggjest useing this on Modern Warfare 2 unless in a private match because it will most likely just make the host switch. I would, however suggjest useing it in Halo 3 matchmaking or custom games because the host will most likely not change. Type this in when in notepad: ping -t -l 60000 [High Anonymous Proxy IP] Premade Lagswitch – www.mediafire.com (I would never harm your system files, but if you dont trust me, just make it yourself.) Proxy IP List www.samair.ru

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14 Responses to “How Do I Generate A Disposable Email?”
  1. onslaught38 says:


  2. onslaught38 says:

    Lol. For everyone who is commenting on the fact that I said “PC or windows”, that was because I was getting confused and stuff.

  3. simbosatosa65 says:

    Haha that’s was funny there for macs suck! Haha oh it’s zack btw

  4. LordCheckMatey says:

    lol windows and pc are the same thing bro

  5. randumbguy8239 says:

    hmmm windows… or PC computer..? damn just when i thought i had it right… i gotta throw away my doors PC now… so i can get one with windows…

  6. onslaught38 says:

    @dbpaintball45 Yeah, I have vista.

  7. dbpaintball45 says:

    @deaded38 i figured it out dont worry man its all good btw do u have vista

  8. onslaught38 says:

    @dbpaintball45 Yo, sorry. This is DeadEd38. I dont know what your problem is… The only thing I might be thinking is that you have a mac. But you make it sound like you dont. So… Yeah sorry that I cant help.

  9. dbpaintball45 says:

    when i do it it says i dont have the software and send me me to windows file association?wtf

  10. rocco97 says:

    its fucking faggots like you who ruin the gaming community

  11. brandyvideos79 says:

    @jerichoj1 Then why did u watch this video

  12. deaded38 says:

    @jerichoj1 No, actually I play legit all the time. I made this tutorial for people wjo want to do it. If you dont want to do it, simply dont watch it. And for the halo fanboy thing, just look at my first response for the “I hate fags who do that, like you.”

  13. jerichoj1 says:

    @deaded38 And when did you assume I was a halo fanboy? Why would you want to make a lagswitch? Is it because you can’t play legit?

  14. deaded38 says:

    @jerichoj1 Actually, I intended for it to be for Halo fags, like you. (I would assume that because I clearly stated in the video that I do not do this on CoD games and only Halo 3.)

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