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How do I create a proxy to use at school, for free?

February 6, 2012 by admin  
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Question by : How do I create a proxy to use at school, for free?

I would really like to know if you can make your own proxy so I can get on MySpace at school.
And for the record, I’m not very computer-smart when it comes to these types of things, so detailed (and somewhat simplistic) instructions would be nice.
Thank you.

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Answer by Tory
i use for browsing new websites. i found this latest one from there:

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9 Responses to “How do I create a proxy to use at school, for free?”
  1. Adi says:

    and you can find the instruction at there.. :)

    don’t forget after you make that…
    submit your site at
    to get the traffict

  2. ortizcomp says:

    use this website it works at my school

  3. Asd says:

    I use the ones listed on this site:

    They are updated everyday with new ones, and you can join the mailing list they have to get them in your e-mail.

  4. dodolit_pet says:

    Find a domain name exclude proxy word, hosting for proxy, find a script like glype, then u are go.

    or you can try these proxies

    And for example just visit this proxy list

    Join this group

    Be sure to tell your friends or post them to you myspace page or blog so others can enjoy.

    Happy Surfing!

  5. Binyu says:

    Excellent proxies to unblock blocked websites!

    Be sure to tell your friends about it so they too can enjoy.

    Happy surfing!

  6. Anonymode says:

    I suggest you try out these brand new proxies. These proxies support MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Bebo, and just about any other website. Just type in a URL and press GO!

    See more proxies at


    These proxies are likely to get blocked soon, so I suggest you sign up for our instant email updates. This way, you’ll never need to look for another proxy again!
    More Info –


    We now offer Text Messaging updates! Get proxies sent to your phone by text message instantly!
    Sign Up Now –


    Happy Browsing! And don’t forget to tell your friends and spread the fun!

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