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How do I create a proxy server?

November 11, 2012 by admin  
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Question by jacob c: How do I create a proxy server?

If you cannot tell me how I can make a few for free, than can you please help me find a few different proxies? they just started blokcing my intertnet at home, and I’d like to get through!! My schoool has just begun blocking, and so I wold also like to ask: what is a proxy server? I know what it does, butg how does it work? and is there a way to hide when you use it?

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Answer by Coolsaint
Here are some Web based Proxies you can Try.








You can check this site for Some New Proxies always


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  1. eLucid says:

    A proxy server is a way of connecting to the internet through another computer/site/server. The proxy acts as an intermediate step, or middleman, in the connection.

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