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How do I connect to AIM through a proxy?

September 17, 2012 by admin  
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Question by Christine: How do I connect to AIM through a proxy?

Okay. I just discovered proxies and learned that I can use them to connect to AIM. Problem is, I have no idea how to do so. In my Connection tab in AIM, it has a section for “Connect Using Proxy”, but I don’t know what to put in for the Host, Port, Protocol, or Authentication. Help?

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Answer by Zach
edit.>settings(or preferences depending on what version of aim your using)>connections and it should be right there

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One Response to “How do I connect to AIM through a proxy?”
  1. inconclusive_conjunction says:

    Host: IP address of the proxy, ie.

    Port: Port the proxy wants you to connect to the above address at, ie. 8080

    Protocol:Whatever the proxy list specified, probably SOCKS.

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