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How do i close an open proxy?

May 2, 2012 by admin  
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Question by xeroflames: How do i close an open proxy?

I found out i have a open proxy and now i have 2 spyware programs a trojan and a hacker >_< please help

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Answer by todos_a_menos
You need a rescue disk, I mean a live CD forensic typeYou also need a good scanning program. Downlioad and burn the disc. Make sure it has nessus-d for self scan. Also, by using the disc- try knoppix or UBCD- you can mount your harddrive. Mount, look for the file within the system. Copy location and reboot. The trojan horse has a code in which if that code is broken opr altered it no longer functions.
Try to remember that Horses and hackers need access to your system. Unhook from the internet when using the disc.

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