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How do I channel my game through a proxy server?

May 21, 2011 by admin  
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Question by Jimbo: How do I channel my game through a proxy server?

I’ve seen online lists of proxy servers, but how to I get my game to go through these servers? Is there specfic software I must use to do it? Am I looking for a specific type of proxy server? I assume as it a game i’m not looking for an http type of connection. I am able to do it using a web tunnel, but I really wanted to use the free proxyies that are available.

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Answer by rwd420247
No-IP Free DNS has endless uses. Remotely connect to your computer from work. Run a personal website, access your DVR, run a FTP, game, or mail server. The options are endless.


Pretty easy to setup what a lot of people use for private servers the available .servegame extension

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