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How do i build a proxy server?

December 21, 2012 by admin  
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Question by Raymond: How do i build a proxy server?

I’m looking to build a proxy server for my team at school for TSA. the reason being the majority of sites are blocked that we used to read up tutorials on and how-tos. so I figured It would be nice to finally post here and find out how to build a local proxy. Is there a way i can host the proxy locally (from my documents)? If not, can someone tell me what i need to do to build a proxy to connect to online?

Thanks icon smile How do i build a proxy server?

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Answer by Aaron
Please contact your teacher about this issue. He or she may be able to help you with this situation or know someone who can help you with this.

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5 Responses to “How do i build a proxy server?”
  1. Ronnel S says:

    You can give this proxy a try to unblock those blocked websites; it works like a charm!

    Be sure to tell your friends about it so they too can enjoy.

    Happy surfing!

  2. AJ says:

    I would recommend building it and connecting it to your broadband connection at home. Then set up a DDNS name and access that from school.

    Get any random computer for this, install Linux (or just use a windows machine if you want) and install Squid. To learn about it To download it

  3. rujoesmith says:

    ya, that happened to me and my friends to…but you can eaisly set up a home proxy. just google ccproxy and download the demo. there isnt really any restrictions with the demo. hope it helps you XD

  4. helpingmole says:

    You can use squid or tor. I have listed some links for you;

  5. says:

    You Can Unblobk Websites with a Proxy , here are a Few :

    Be Sure to tell your friends or post them to your myspace page or blog so others can enjoy.

    Happy Surfing!

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