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How come the Moderator knows If Im a proxy or not?

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Question by : How come the Moderator knows If Im a proxy or not?

I dont understand? — A forum moderator banned this person for logging on as a proxy. He didnt banned her, she requested it. But the thing is, he was checking up on her and asked her where is she logging from? Which makes it sound like he is able to stalk people’s IP location.

What else do they know apart from IP? Do they also know my computer, network browsing etc.?? I mean where can I find out.

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Answer by brisray
It’s not hard to identify if a request is coming from a proxy. Some methods can be found here – http://ipmarker.com/dailytips/2011/05/17/how-to-identify-a-highly-anonymous-or-elite-proxy/ Besides which, anyone can acces the proxy server lists not just kids playing games or going to Facebook from their school’s network.

Whenever you go to a website a lot of information is exchanged. None of it can personally identify you or where you live.

IP address of the client computer
ID of the client computer
UserID of the client computer
Date / time when the server finished the file request – day/month/year:hour:minute:second zone
Method used for the file request
File requested
Protocol used for the request
Status returned from server to client
File size returned to client
File referrer – This gives the site that the client reports having been referred from
User agent – This is the identifying information that the client browser and OS reports about itself.

This information is mostly used for statistical analysis of how people use websites.

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