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How can you get around a proxy blocker?

August 30, 2011 by admin  
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Question by missakerissa: How can you get around a proxy blocker?

I’m in class on break to use computers freely, and I wanna get on myspace since there’s nothing else to do (except yahoo =p). Everytime I type in a proxy, a websense window comes up saying, “Phrase ‘proxy avoidance’ blocked”. Pretty much all proxy sites have that in them as their tag, or something similar. Help?

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Answer by Webman
Uh, well I guess accessing the firewall and unblocking the proxy sites… but if you get caught…

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11 Responses to “How can you get around a proxy blocker?”
  1. Kyle C says:

    i dont know if your in college or high school but if you depending on the filter you wont be able to get around it if a proxy doesnt do it

  2. 21ennefuso says:

    You can unblock websites (like myspace or bebo) with a proxy, here are a few :


    Be sure to tell your friends or post them to your my space page or blog so others can enjoy.

    If you want to receive daily new proxies you can join this Yahoo Group:


    You Can find brand new proxies at the blog


  3. Biggie B B says:

    you can go to unblockable.com that should work

  4. GTB says:

    Let’s summarize the situation and remove all euphamisms in the process because you are not being totall honest.

    1. You are a student who has been granted Internet access for academic purposes, not for entertainment or recreational purposes.
    2. You wish to use the Internet access for non-academic purposes which is strictly forbidden.
    3. You should be taking this golden time in you life to improve your mind but you wish to waste the time foolishly on unneeded and harmful applications.
    4. There is serious risk to your life, health, and welfare from all social sites and you are too naive to even understand this.
    5. Your school wishes to promote a safe educational environment so they have instituted measures to keep you from wasting your time, risking yourself, and endangering yourself. They also wish to protect themselves from subsequent lawsuits for “neglegence” for allowing you to access such sites and they wish to secure their Internet access and network from hackers such sites invite. You, being too naive to understand this, wish to circumvent (if you do not know the meaning of this word – and I suspect you do not, look it up in the dictionary which is in the school library – it is a book and all words are in alphabetical order in case you have yet to use it) all the security and access these sites anyway.
    6. You are also too naive to understand that your school installed monitoring software that watches your moves. If you continue to attempt to circumvent, you can and probably will lose your Internet access privledges. Once this happens, you will blame the school for being overly harsh while at the same time you fail to see your activity as any sort of risk, waste, foolishness, or danger. You will not see yourself as the cause of the problem but you are.
    7. Your parents, if they were aware of your efforts, would not permit or encourage your behavior.
    8. Should you be successful in a circumvention, both you and your parents would be the first to invoke legal action against the school for failure to keep you safe when it is your persistance that gets you into these situations in the first place.
    9. It appears as though your school has done a respectable job of blocking. They are to be commended for their efforts.

    The above summarizes the situation bluntly and clearly and describes why the school has done what it has done. You are too uneducated to even comprehend the matter – and probably are too foolish to even care until it is too late.

    Now – go back to school and master your classwork and quit playing where you should not play.

  5. HelpGlobe says:

    Print this list out and take it to school: http://FastestWebProxy.com

    For more help, http://helpGlobe.com

  6. Norma R says:

    Here is one:



  7. Bill M says:

    Circumventing Internet access control systems with web proxies to access unauthorized web sites is a violation of school computer usage policy. You will get suspended and/or banned from using school computers when you get caught. Use school computers for school work, and myspace can wait until you get home. Do you really want your teachers and school administrators knowing what you are posting on myspace anyways?

  8. Brigham M says:

    Here are some useful UNBLOCKED proxies to use at school or work to go on myspace, facebook, bebo etc.




    Enjoy and Share with Friends!

    Are they blocked??? To receive a new UNBLOCKED proxies EVERYDAY in your email box, JOIN our PROXY GROUP!

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