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How can i pass my schools proxy?

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Question by ME: How can i pass my schools proxy?

How can I get passed my schools proxy easily without getting caught? I go to middle school in a small town that has smart kids, but they aren’t smart enough to really figure out how to pass the proxy, so the chances that they would suspect a student of passing it are small.
I am on a small network, most likely with 1 proxy. I don’t know how much more information you need, hope its enough.

Best answer:

Answer by Bill Hamilton
Well, you are thinking like a middle-schooler.

“without getting caught” is never “easy”. Surely you are not waiting for which checkbox in the Advanced tab to check.

I assume you are including yourself in the smart kids group.

Even your own argument sounds like the designers of your schools network security have designed it above the level of the smartest kids, which if they only did that (not likely) then it is high enough to keep out the whole population it is meant to keep at bay.

I bet each system is assigned an intranet IP number. Chances are the network is designed such that all http/https (80/443) traffic must go through a proxy server. There is probably only one if the school system is small. Could even be an appliance…even a brand the best corporations purchase. The smartness of middleschoolers have not even been factored in.

Be careful. Only someone who didn’t need to ask this question has a remote chance of not getting caught.

If you still want to proceed, provide some details of what you can find out about the network architecture of your school.

But…consider yourself warned!

Please DO NOT use any of these proxies that people are offering up. Everything you send across them is captured and all these programs can be configured to send your websites, usernames and passwords to the crooks that put them up. (I mean most login forms use username and password variable names so its not hard to skim it.)

You might think you are clever and know how to switch your proxy setting on your browser back and fourth but the second you forget and check your bank balance or web based mail program, they have you…they own you and they can go read your web based email at that point and start finding out where you have accounts…reset your passwords to what they want them to be and…well, I hope you can imagine. Do you know how much it would take to straiten that out?

Is access to these sites worth risking identity theft?

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!


5 Responses to “How can i pass my schools proxy?”
  1. strathfield 2 says:

    use online web proxies to pass your schools proxy

    the following are very fast and stable proxies online

  2. usaswl says:


    if those get blocked
    change ‘http’ to ‘https’
    and almost any school / place will not block the https version

  3. Neelix says:

    New site giving you every 24 hours a new proxy site


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  4. HaPpY says:

    use my prefered proxy : http://www.theproxy.ws

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