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How can I find a proxy that will work for yahoo messenger?

October 22, 2012 by admin  
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Question by biggceazar2004: How can I find a proxy that will work for yahoo messenger?

Ok I have tried the example that yahoo gave me to try. My cam is still not working on yahoo messenger. The error is still coming up and now it is saying to add a proxy. What is a proxy and how can i find one

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Answer by komal r
if u r using ur messenger in Office thn ask ur IT person to add proxy number & if u r using it at ur home thn uninstall the messenger & thn again install it ……………. try it.

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  1. Slider3 says:

    If you use Windows , it could be Windows Firewall is blocking the cam. The cam must be allowed access to the Web. Open Firewall then click Exceptions tab , next click Add Program ; click Browse. Find your Webcam then add it to Windows Firewall Exceptions. Click O K …..

  2. MDZakri says:

    you try browsing using this free proxy . maybe you can use YM

  3. Ajay Nambiar says:

    goto the site:
    Click on the desired Images OR
    Enter URL in the box and
    BROWSE!! and FAST too.They have got multiple Dedicated Servers Running
    This website 100% not blocked

    Also they have a secure server mode
    Even Email and group Subscription to get updates on new domains
    so to be sure you can access.. even if their primary domain gets blocked
    No restrictions!!

    If any thing goes wrong and you cannot access the site.send email to to settle the issue.
    Everything is done to bypass most filters and deleting words like myspace,orkut,proxy etc
    from the content of the page.

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