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How can i find a proxy that opens facebook?

May 27, 2011 by admin  
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Question by Katie G: How can i find a proxy that opens facebook?

I live in a country that facebook is blocked but i need to get in there to check my page!!!!!Where can i find a proxy that works???

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Answer by heybabycakes26
they are a proxy as well as having a very extensive list of other proxies.

if that site is blocked sometimes it works to add a s on the end of the http. for example

hope this helps

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16 Responses to “How can i find a proxy that opens facebook?”
  1. iogirl says:

    4 out of 5 proxy experts agree, Zdojo proxies are as fresh as can be:

    Plenty of links to other fresh proxies on the site as well !

  2. Joe J says:

    this is the site i visit and get all my working proxy sites most of the proxy sites they list worked good for me also they update there site every two days.

  3. Alex says:

    Use it’s the fastest out there.

  4. EDDIE says:

    go to XAMAL.ORG or XAMAL.BIZ

  5. Shaurov says:


    Here are some brand new proxy sites list which will solve

    your problem. They will hide your personal information & let

    you browse those pages you wanted. These are absolutely free

    too. These sites are Brand new free Proxy sites for Myspace,

    FaceBook , Youtube, Bebo, Friendster & others.

    Here are also some very popular proxy sites:

  6. mohammed e says:

    I think only proxy can unblock web at school
    you can try unblock with this proxy

    . Don’t forget to tell your friends about this site so they can also take the benefits of our site

    with my best wishes

    Mr Mohammed

  7. jimman86 says:

    BRAND NEW proxies – here are some. You can unblock sites with a web proxy:

    These sites are also fully myspace compatible. (replies, second pages, etc..)

    If the proxies you were using stop working, its just because the admins blocked them. To get around this you simply need a brand new proxy. To get all the latest proxies go here:

    If you like these proxies be sure to tell your friends.

    Happy Surfing!

  8. web proxy says:

    source of thousand web proxy :

  9. The Dude says:

    here is a fresh one supports also youtube !

  10. jenny j says:

    try for fresh web proxies that was created today

    There is a group also that you can subscribe and receive daily new proxy sites in case this one is blocked from you.
    If you can’t access this page send an empty email to in order to subscribe to the list

    Also pay a visit to for the newest proxies

  11. Jim says:

    Guaranteed to work!
    TONS here, updates, fast, no popups, works

  12. kurosaki ichigo says:

    try this websites


    enjoy surfing

  13. PRK N says:


    There has been only one proxy which has continuously bypassed our $10k office filtering system.
    Proud to be its Platinum Member.Cheers PAGEMOD!!!
    get new proxy domains by sending a mail to or subscribe to their mailing list.

    currently i think there new
    domain is

  14. Gursimran says:




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