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Homeless Man Stabbed as NYPD Cops Watch Uselessly

August 31, 2012 by admin  
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Taken on Monday afternoon, 10-17-2011, in Harlem, the video shows a man stabbing a homeless man in the neck as cops look on. They will beat peaceful protesters yet do almost nothing when someone is being stabbed.

Video Rating: 5 / 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5


18 Responses to “Homeless Man Stabbed as NYPD Cops Watch Uselessly”
  1. racingbeagle says:

    Dudes got no ballz n this? kinda thing really gets to me.. Walk over there and choke the man or just smash his skull into that car with your boot! Then he will comply.

  2. Jreyez0626 says:

    Wow…. if a cop feels threatened he pulls out a taser? night stick pepper spray A GUN! But if someone else is getting stabbed there like……so..should I stop them? Let me call 10 more fellow pigs and find out

  3. Kiowarider says:

    My conclusion is WTF are police good for i got my shyt stolin out my? car I still didn’t call the police I never right reports whn I got shot at they asked me wat did we do and wat are we gonna do they want us to kill eachother so they arrest us and kill us two birds with 1 stone that’s my fuckin conclusion

  4. akirrab00 says:

    seems about right to me – about ‘right’ as in what one expects from institutional law enforcement of? an inherently racist, sexist, speciesist and classist system.

  5. gnosiszenlotus says:

    another video too short to come to any conclusions, but? ppl will anyway.

  6. TheMixedMind says:

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  7. Angelo Goodenough says:

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  9. LimaInHD says:

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  10. epiceddie1 says:

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  12. ArmyCinema says:

    I Did What The Videos Says To? Do But When I Go Or Refresh On The Site It Still says im banned? help please?

  13. GBOLOGY says:

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  14. OldNewziLy says:

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  16. CodMontagesKill says:

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