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HL1 Proxy Changer

December 6, 2010 by admin  
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A proxy list scanner and “on the fly” changer maybe useful to help you sort your proxy lists. DOWNLOAD: dl.dropbox.com

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If you live outside of the US, you may not be able to play some Hulu.com videos. This tutorial will show you an easy way to bypass that using a proxy anonymizer found at: hotspotshield.com

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25 Responses to “HL1 Proxy Changer”
  1. nareindiran says:

    thank you very much it worked….

  2. mariosunshinefaan says:

    @vkitor well too bad for the crotaia’s!

  3. AshiteratsuAka says:

    it worked for me! thankz!

  4. vkitor says:

    it doesn’t work for Croatia

  5. e12sahimali says:

    @hills505 there is aslso a programe called ultasurf…easy to use and does not eed to be installed. it works as a plug n play so you can put it onto your usb and use it anywere.

  6. 0507928937 says:

    for me even hotspot shield website is bloked .lol!

  7. xToxicPenguin says:

    wont turn green.

  8. hills505 says:

    There is this method and there is also TOR. TOR grants you access to almost everything! and also bypasses any draconian restrictions placed by workplace or school or parents.

  9. jacksawild says:

    @obeada My suggestion was not to give programs, which you can have no idea of their true purpose, access to your net connection. I’d say that is helpful seeing as if they do something illegal it is you who are responsible. Proxies do work on all operating systems because they all use TCP/IP. You’d be better off downloading off torrent sites than letting any old programmer use your connection to zombie download child porn… for example. Yours Sincerely, a network engineer.

  10. obeada says:

    @jacksawild they don’t work on all computers or operating systems or browsers, but you have a point although your suggession is not helpfull for the most

  11. obeada says:

    @blackbrot oh no, and I am not going to explain this again to you too and just tell you you are wrong and too confedint.

  12. blackbrot says:

    Are you people really this stupid?? You cant just stream whole tv shows and movies to the whole world. There is SO much you need to do before, I bet setting this up in america took a few months, if not a year. But you people didnt notice till it was launched

  13. favole100 says:

    i hate hulu … so stupid, why can`t they let watch everyone their videos??? :( that makes me angry … at this thing here is not working for me. the videos on hulu takes sooo long to load (when they are loading at all) … and it is only a couple of seconds then it stops, then another couple of seconds, then it stops again, etc … that is not fun, i hate hulu :(

  14. blaablaakas says:

    works for me :)

  15. JustOffer says:

    @lockerzlabrat it works for me

  16. priv8contact says:

    better to use a service like mytv2me.com

  17. seasonsbleed says:

    @chingaso316LOST i think the reason they allow people outside of the united states to create an account but not watch is to slap them in the face as if to say ‘you liked the anticipation of thinking we were actually gonna let you watch just because you created an account didnt you?…felt nice didnt it..?yeah well fuck off…you cant watch our videos”

  18. seasonsbleed says:

    @jacksawild proxies dont work. not even fireproxy will anymore.

  19. haris949 says:

    Can you upload and send it to my email at hackerharis@aol.com

  20. jacksawild says:

    uhh… dont install a program to do this.. It may give you access but what else is it doing? Just use a proxy, it isnt hard.

  21. AfterFXimus says:

    Thumbs up if you think hulu should let all countries use it.

  22. icebox401 says:

    thank u!

  23. caolanmccreesh says:

    it worked for me but no sound :(

  24. nefets99 says:

    so recently hulu blocked most proxy’s, does this work still?

  25. nave4pres2 says:

    @AMTheManOFTheMen C’mon dude. It’s just writing data to system files.
    Try to get *real* A-virus programs… Like kaspersky&norton.
    (I’m database programmer student)

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