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High Anonymous Proxy – The Most Reliable Way to be Anonymous on the Web

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High Anonymous Proxy – The Most Reliable Way to be Anonymous on the Web

Want to be completely anonymous on the internet? The most effective way to make this possible is with a high anonymous proxy. There are many ways you can be anonymous online and some of the most popular methods involve using complex and expensive software. However, none of this software offers the kind of anonymity you can get from a proxy server. The only way you can be anonymous is by changing your IP and this is what proxy servers make possible. This is where most people two very common problems. The first, how can you get or find a high anonymity proxy and how can you be sure that the proxy is really anonymous? Read on to find out the answers to these two common problems people face.

What are the most common ways of finding elite proxy and proxy server lists? Most people simply search online and are bombarded with thousands of sites offering anonymous proxies. It looks good and fine until you try to use these proxies to surf the internet with. It won’t take you long to see how slow, unreliable and how they aren’t even anonymous at all. You can’t have both free and reliable with it comes to high anonymity proxies. Most free proxies just don’t work or they go up and down all the time making using them impossible. What’s the solution? The best thing you can do when looking for elite or anonymous proxy lists is to actually pay for them. This may mean setting up your own proxy server or just paying other people for anonymous proxy lists. For anyone who wants to be anonymous online, you are much better off paying to protect your identity.

If you make the move to setup your own elite proxy, what can you do to test how anonymous you are? This problem is easily fixed by just visiting any website that actually tests your IP, your proxy server and then reports on how anonymous you are. If your proxy server isn’t anonymous, then your IP of your home computer is visible to webmasters and websites all around the world. Obviously this means you aren’t anonymous at all.

Getting a high anonymous proxy is easy if you set it up yourself. The majority of proxy hunting people usually try using free proxies, but you’ll soon discover how this is usually nothing more than a waste of time. The best solution for a high anonymous proxy is to set it up yourself.

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