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Hide your IP with OpenVPN + TorVPN

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default Hide your IP with OpenVPN + TorVPN

torvpn.com OpenVPN is the recommended way of using TorVPN. Why? First, because it’s more likely that you can connect to port 443 from a restricted environment than being able to use the (GRE) protocol needed by PPTP (the other way). Secondly, because this protocol is a lot more secure. The video shows you how to hide your IP (or ‘change’ your IP from an external perspective) with TorVPN. Step 1) Install OpenVPN Step 2) Download your configuration (ZIP) file from TorVPN Step 3) Extract the ZIP file to C:\program files\OpenVPN\config Step 4) Run OpenVPN (as administrator!) Step 5) Double click OpenVPN’s icon in the system tray Step 6) Enter your TorVPN username and password Step 7) Wait for it to be connected Step icon cool Hide your IP with OpenVPN + TorVPN You’re done! Check your new IP. Your are now anonymous! Remember: do not rely on untrustworthy ‘proxy lists’ and expensive VPN’s that you do not really need. TorVPN has unlimited speed. *** YOU MAY BE INTERESTED IN *** – How to use TorVPN without installing any software (with voiceovers): www.youtube.com – How to use TorVPN without administrator rights on the computer: www.youtube.com

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22 Responses to “Hide your IP with OpenVPN + TorVPN”
  1. torvpn says:

    Many people ask “why do I still see the same IP?”. The solution is as simple as running OpenVPN as administrator (as suggested on TorVPN’s howto page).

    If you have a technical problem or question specific to you, I kindly request that you send an e-mail or reach us using the contact form. Youtube comments asking for technical help? (especially when posting personal information) will be ignored.

  2. SniperAFoolVHL says:

    Never mind I fixed? it. Didn’t run it as administrator.

  3. torvpn says:

    Well, that isn’t really the right way to put it. Some people who want many IPs in many countries might prefer to use HMA, others who want to use SSH tunnelling, pay somewhat less, or make use? of our other services such as the transparent TOR tunnel, custom routing through the web interface, additional users, etc will prefer TorVPN. I kindly advise that you read what both websites offer and get familiar with the differences.

  4. PCWeviled says:

    From reading your coments this is better protection than hide my ass for staying anonymous. Not? having your ip found?

  5. torvpn says:

    @anilseela It works in India and? outside India as well. You might have restrictions that prevent PPTP connections, but then there is OpenVPN. If you have port restrictions, we can help with that too, and if you have protocol restrictions, we can help you use the VPN through an SSH tunnel. That’s the good thing about TorVPN, it has more protocols, IP’s and ports you can connect to, so there’s almost always a way to get around content filters.

  6. torvpn says:

    Yes, of course. OpenVPN is compatible with XP, Vista, Win7,? etc…

  7. jonsushi says:

    Thanks for this. I stumbled onto this vid from the vid you responded to. It recently came to my attention how visible some of my stuff is. (My fault for being an idiot.) So I? was looking for something exactly like this.

  8. WRXRB320 says:

    Will this? work on Windows 7?

  9. bigtuba09 says:

    ok Thanks for the reply. A pirate I was meant to? be~

  10. torvpn says:

    Not at all, you can use? it for shielding yourself while you’re on a public Wi-Fi network, moving around, from a laptop, PC or a smartphone. I recommend becoming a customer though, because some free users give out the password and connect from many different networks which becomes suspicious, but it is not an issue if you’re a client.

  11. bigtuba09 says:

    Question.? Would it matter if I’m on a laptop and I use different networks?
    I tend to move a bit. Please reply asap.

  12. torvpn says:

    Told you ;-) Moral of the story: fancy advertisements, good design and marketing can make you use a product but that doesn’t make the product? itself good (or even work, in this case). Uninstall those ‘magic’ programs, use TorVPN.

  13. IJackTheBauer says:

    Ok so downloaded Wiershark and the data don’t go true? the proxy they just send it right to my ip…

  14. torvpn says:

    Is that ‘hide my ip’ software actually doing anything else than configuring a proxy for your internet connections? Does it even have an effect on your torrent client? Check your communication with Wireshark (not the trackers, the data itself). There is a good chance using both of those makes no difference what so ever. Or just use? the VPN, of course :) That’s a sure thing. Then you don’t need any of them anyway.

  15. IJackTheBauer says:


  16. torvpn says:

    By the way, I don’t blame you. There are so many programs out there mistifying what they actually do and making it look like they’re doing a lot more than that. Those two programs you mentioned are very good examples of this. I’m not saying they could not be helpful in some cases, but I would never use them, especially when there is? something much faster and more secure out there.

  17. torvpn says:

    those are make-believe solutions. “Hide my IP” “Auto? hide IP” and similar software only configure a proxy from a public list. Peer guardian is for something completely different (and still useless IMHO, it’s just something to block specific networks). You never really finished your question though, “good enough” FOR WHAT? There may be a few things they are good for, but by using a VPN, you’d have almost all of it all covered at once.

  18. IJackTheBauer says:

    have a? Q. I use hide my ip and peerblock is that good enough do u think?

  19. khalloud1997 says:

    can i watch porn on it? LOL just kidding.?

  20. torvpn says:

    Yes, of course. Everything goes through this encrypted tunnel and a different? IP is visible (to websites, torrent peers, everything) unless you specifically configure it differently.

  21. blunty6feetunder says:

    So? when I dload torrents now my IP will be masked using this? thank you.

  22. torvpn says:

    You don’t have to install OpenVPN or any software to use TorVPN (but OpenVPN is recommended). See the following tutorial on how to set up VPN? with the built-in Windows PPTP feature: /watch?v=7brvyJWuL1E

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