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Hide Your IP Address FREE Anonymous Web Browsing Online Change My IP Address Proxy Encryption

October 24, 2010 by admin  
Filed under Videos What is SafeProxy Anonymous Surfing Stop Your Employers from seeing the websites you visit! Stop your Isp from seeing the websites you visit! Stop BigBrother from seeing the websites you visit! Free Anonymizing Website No Programs to Install. Block your IP Address and Stop Adds Help Stop Internet Profiling Please Support It’s FREE!

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Proxy Camp provides you with fresh proxies checked constantly (one per second) to make sure they are active. Plus, use our site to surf anonymously to visit blocked sites at your school or workplace like Facebook, YouTube, or Anywhere!


36 Responses to “Hide Your IP Address FREE Anonymous Web Browsing Online Change My IP Address Proxy Encryption”
  1. tigerwoodz28 says:

    * * * * *

  2. hiimnice10 says:

    /b/ers rejoice!

  3. mnv36 says:

    so you can’t get caught by your local internet provider for downloading t0rr3nt$

  4. Chris3836 says:


  5. masteraggelos says:

    thank you

  6. soul1112 says:

    Thank you :)

  7. xavierhervin says:

    5 star

  8. WebSiteForSale says:

    I use this site for the pirate bay ;)
    thank youuuuuuuuuu

  9. SafeProxy says:

    Yes! SafeProxy (not hides)
    changes your ip address
    that the torrents come through

  10. theoneali says:

    5 stars dude!!!

  11. beoiq4 says:

    will safeproxy hide my IP if i download through torrents?

  12. GrassProduction says:


  13. godspower321 says:

    100% working.Thanks, really helped me.

  14. SafeProxy says:

    Our Servers are in Germany! :-)

  15. SafeProxy says:

    Yes! SafeProxy changes “not hides” your ip address for downloading! :-)
    Yes it’s Awesome and Free!

  16. SafeProxy says:

    Yes! SafeProxy changes “not hides” your ip address for downloading! :-)

  17. cfcnhobbes51 says:

    Does it hide my ip address when i download through file sharing? that would be awesome if it does

  18. groola says:

    for some reason its always in a diff language

  19. treguard1982 says:

    Is it ok to look at dodgy sites through safeproxy? ;-)

  20. killerhidan1 says:

    thx man

  21. Dylanjames07 says:

    this is fantastic thank you

    L4D2 here i come lol

  22. SafeProxy says:

    Yes! It Do ; )

  23. JSG9990 says:

    This site actually works. I happen to be an admin on a forums and I tested it. It showed a different ip than the actual one.

  24. pps9996 says:

    Do this hide my ip adress? so i can download ?

  25. LordOfAries says:

    Very Good! do you have a toolbar for this action?
    After entering site your page gone. I suggest a you for toolbar and a new tab for entered sites.

  26. giovannaharley says:

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  27. citizensofself says:

    gr8 information fjl3

  28. businessbop says:

    i like the site and will be coming back

  29. BusinessMED says:

    i have come across some lame proxy sites, your looks cool though

  30. celupower says:

    you can never have enough proxies

  31. NoBizMuse says:

    proxies rule – i’ll see what u got

  32. robybrooks says:

    online privacy is real world security- remember that

  33. TechCloner says:

    a lot of people ignore the importance of online privacy these days

  34. DevonsBiz says:

    I am stoked about this find. youtube rocks and i have a proxy source now

  35. wealthNhealth says:

    Awesome site, i am checking it out now

  36. majorcolonels says:

    nice post, I’ve been looking for a good proxy aggregator

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