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Hide My Ass Tutorial !! Hide IP Address with Hide My Ass Easy and 100% Free !!

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default Hide My Ass Tutorial !! Hide IP Address with Hide My Ass Easy and 100% Free !!

Free IP Address Hide with Hide My Ass For Download Hide My Ass VPN Internet Explorer: Tools Internet options Connecti…

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ACTA in UK: 10 years in jail for ‘illegal downloads’ UK web surfers have caught a grim glimpse of the future with Internet users being threatened with 10 yea…


24 Responses to “Hide My Ass Tutorial !! Hide IP Address with Hide My Ass Easy and 100% Free !!”
  1. gasbike100mpg says:

    British based Hide My Ass VPN handed over his home IP on receiving a court order, according to the indictment Cody Kretsinger Hide My Ass VPN username was “recursion”, the same nickname he used in the hacking group, allegedly he also completely wiped clean? his computer hard disk after hacking Sony Pictures.

  2. RiyedCNBD says:


  3. danielle yap says:

    why its going back to my real ip??

  4. rizwan shah says:

    hello sir its not working for me coz i using? dsl and i live in pakistan so thats why i am sorry dont mind only easy hide my ip is working perfectly coz its work Automatically in just 1 click sir plz do some thing hahahahahaha have a nice day thankssss

  5. EffectsMy says:

    Thanks ………………..?

  6. DatSm00th says:

    1. go to
    2. check? the what movies are on dvd or playing
    3. go to youtube to watch the trailer
    4. open piratebay and download
    faster than going to the store :)

  7. AK47OG1 says:

    The real crims use the? deep web, which they have no control over, so this is just easy picking.

  8. michael mclaughlin says:

    if? downloading music for free gets 10 years what does murder get now its fucking rediculous

  9. christian huerta says:

    i buy movies and i download movies ?

  10. a5e26 says:

    i’m? glad i stopped illegal downloading i switched to Itunes

  11. lilyeve222 says:

    There’s real criminals in the UK who? kill someone who receive less time in Her Majesty’s Prison’s.

  12. Danijel L says:

    This is because Lil? wayne has to pay his diamond teeth.

  13. Dragomir Furundzija says:

    fucking musician and house records swiminng in money and the whine about few millions motherfucker for those musicians who suport these ACTA shit betther prepare for concerts with noNO PEOPLE? !!!THUMB UP FOR MUSICIANS TO SEE!!

  14. kasperlives says:

    i say boycott cds and? dvds

  15. kulluminati says:

    this is competly nonsens, how the hell will? the police arrest half of uk, only if the? other half is recruited to police

  16. Eternalfdubzero says:

    So, Europe is in Jeopardy, not only with Economic? Crisis.
    Spain with LeySinde-Wert”, France with Hadopi, and Now England with SOCA.

    Fascists and Nazis are Power Abusing. Stop the Tirany NOW!
    Stop the Kraken, Stop SOPA, Stop ACTA, Stop TPP NOW!

  17. PROCESSOR302 says:

    LOL, jails in the UK is full to bursting, how on earth are they? going to jail people for 10 years for downloading. It just shows that the UK is going to the dogs. The police should go and catch muggers, killers, burglars terrorists etc not kids downloading stuff. It just shows rich companies have the police in there pockets.

  18. BornAgain0425 says:

    The government criminals won’t go to jail for a day,but? the innocents can go for 10 years?Why can’t people wake up and see that we are controlled by secret societies who want to reduce us to 10% so they can chip us and track us everywhere we go?The people are to blame for choosing those guys in government.

  19. mizaldus1111 says:

    10 years???

    It is cheaper to kill? someone…

  20. TechbyTigz says:

    meant to say people? :)

  21. TechbyTigz says:

    we the pople have the power to? take our country and world back.

  22. Tony Burke says:

    the Fascists? are taking over.

  23. TechbyTigz says:

    Sure is nuts!?

  24. charliehorse806 says:

    That’s nuts !!!?

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