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HD Nickelback – Animals Guitar Cover

November 26, 2010 by admin  
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HD Nickelback – Animals Guitar Cover This will be a HUGE HIT ****I DO NOT OWN ANY COPYRIGHT IN THIS VIDEO****

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25 Responses to “HD Nickelback – Animals Guitar Cover”
  1. guitaromanrules says:

    this suxs

  2. erdinator1 says:


  3. LoveMusicForEvr says:

    wow nice job!

  4. devancowan says:

    nice video . really god job : )

  5. SARUJAN5 says:

    ur soo talented 5/5

  6. andreacondarcuri08 says:

    very gooooooooooddddddddd

  7. mattbrownsofficial says:

    #28 – Most Discussed (Today)) – Music – Canada

  8. mattbrownsofficial says:

    @XxC0mbatS0LDIERxX LOL he is just showing his support:P

  9. XxC0mbatS0LDIERxX says:

    jared shut up it’s tony.m

  10. jarjarwar says:


  11. jarjarwar says:

    What ireally want to see is you play

  12. jarjarwar says:


  13. jarjarwar says:

    You are very good

  14. jarjarwar says:

    You are amanzing

  15. jarjarwar says:

    Do you like play all the time??

  16. jarjarwar says:

    Do you by chance have the tabs??

  17. jarjarwar says:

    Sick Video* srry i messed up

  18. jarjarwar says:

    Sick VIdoe

  19. JoelMonroe1 says:

    I like how you get into it!

  20. JoelMonroe1 says:

    No one else can do it like you (giggity)

  21. JoelMonroe1 says:

    You should join a band!

  22. JoelMonroe1 says:


  23. JoelMonroe1 says:

    You are very good.

  24. JoelMonroe1 says:

    I play too.

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