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Have you ever suffered from Racism?

December 30, 2010 by admin  
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Question by Yvonne D: Have you ever suffered from Racism?

I never did till recently and I thought it wouldn’t bother me if it happened – after all, why be concerned with idiots? However, I’m surprised by how much it upset me. My email account was hacked and my life and that of my unborn baby was threatened by a complete stranger.
Why can somebody you’ve never met or conversed with hate you? How does THAT work? I was told ‘This is a Hyderabadi forum for Hyderbadi’s get out of here you white beyotch! and he wished my baby and me would die and posted pornographic pics of pregnant women, how would you get your head around that?

Have you ever suffered from racism? How did you respond? (I got his ip num but it was (apparently) an ‘elite proxy’ whatever that means.

What drives these people?

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Answer by birakon0
id be more worried about how he knew you were pregnant

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11 Responses to “Have you ever suffered from Racism?”
  1. sensational-girl says:

    yes, most of my friends are white, i’m brown-skinned, when we hang out everybody prefere them, it also happens at school.

  2. willow says:

    I’m very sorry this happened to you , but I think the person who did that to you was not a stranger. He knew you are pregnant…or did you write in that forum something about your pregnancy?

  3. shiningon says:

    they are sick sick and sick hopefully you have repoted this to your local law enforcement and maybe you need to relocate for the safety of your unborn give this new life security don’t take chances after all people that do stuff like that aren’t only sick and dermented they may be playing a real game that you can’t afford to stay to see

  4. stephanie h says:

    Oh ~ ! whoa , thats really Harsh … ive been living … 15 years of my life & already ive had SO many racist comments towards me . even YOUNG people have thrown racial comments at me. I get so upset too so i know how u feel minus the whole baby thing .. Ive been told to get my eyes fixed (im korean so have chinky eyes) & i get teased from younger children stretching out there eyes Well, even though there young children i still get hurt ! Its MY culture & how i was born. I live in australia & right now australia is going through a major crisis w/ racist poeple & all that . So much for a Multicultural country If they cant even accept what different cultures are in their society . & they should know that its ALL teh different cultures that make up the whole ” Multicultural country”

  5. Susie says:

    Oh gosh! I am so sorry to hear that someone did that to you.

    I know what you mean. Sometimes (although I rarely come across it) people will look down on me for no reason but my skin color, and it really stings because I am a nice person. Certain hateful groups are just like that- they think I am not fun or cool just ’cause I am white. I refuse to speak “ghetto” talk, so maybe that is why. To answer your other question, they are driven by- what else? -hate.

    Have a nice day, and I hope your email account stays safe from now on! Good luck with your pregnancy! :-) Don’t let the haters get you down!


  6. Butterfly says:

    i face racism ever day. i wit a white man & i’m black. the way i handle it is by tellin myself just let them say what they want. just as long as they dont touch me or spit on me.

    i dont give 2 hoops in hell or a rats azz what they say.

  7. wolf's woman says:

    because they are taught to be that way and he must have known something personally about you to say those things.

    I am a light skinned (black) female and I get a lot of criticism from my own race because of the pigmentation of my skin color. I keep living because if I let those type of people hinder my well being then I will be admitted into a psych ward. Ignorance drives them.

  8. jjc92787 says:

    When I was 13 I went to a picnic that my mom was working at and the only other kids there were all black. I tried to play basketball but the kids playing there already told me to go away because whites cannot play basketball. Then when I went to ride my scooter and a couple of kids came up to me and started making fun of me and throwing things at me because I was white. And then when it seemed like I was starting to make friends with the other kids there I was again made fun of and told to leave, because I was white. I felt too scared to say anything and when I did try to fight back I just got laughed at.

  9. eternity says:

    this is really terrible. report this person.

    As a white person I had never suffered from racism directly.
    However just by knowing that people are treated badly because of their colour upsets me greatly.

    I did get a turn at how it felt once when I was in Singapore. I got into a swimming pool and all the asians got out. After i got out, a kid told her grandma “you can get in now, the white man is gone”

    I felt awful but I appreciated what some black people must go through every day. Terrible. I hope mankind wakes up soon and realises that we are all in this together.

  10. <> says:


  11. spagetti7 says:

    i am a nurse at a predominately white hospital is a white suburb with rich white people who are old and set in their ways they call me girl and some don’t even think I’m qualified to take care of them i work on the Rehab unit with stroke , hip and knee replacements, cancer, paralysis, brain surgery, and other things and i have to just deal with it and it is hard. we have three shifts on the day shift there are 3 black nurses on the afternoon shift there is 1 black nurse and on the midnight shift there are 2 black nurses so 6 black nurses in all. the white nurses are all very nice to me and they are more offended by the racism then we are , we have all been there 8 years or more so we know and care for one another white and black, oh we have 1 black secretary out of 3 ,but i just do my job the best i can and when a person is unbearable i just refuse to take care of them but eventually the person understands that when you are sick you need who ever is there to take care of you and the white nurses stick up for us and tell the people if they want to go to another hospital they can go but we are a 5 star hospital because we are all just that good. people are ignorant and mean and who knows why they do what they do. you just got to be strong pray and roll with the punches and be glad that everybody ain’t stupid

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