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Hak5′s Crack the Code Challenge

April 3, 2013 by admin  
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Do you have what it takes to compete in the Crack The Code Challenge? Test your skills in our private lab network and bid for the title supreme leet hax0r. W…

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default Hak5s Crack the Code Challenge

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25 Responses to “Hak5′s Crack the Code Challenge”
  1. alewisgb says:

    damn the only thing i dont like? about live streams is i cant watch it becase im going now, but can you do a 30 bit in the show showing how it was done???? bye

  2. 09fod says:

    that? was good

  3. endofthecosmos says:


  4. sasindu mahawewa says:


  5. Paitriot21 says:

    see? ya

  6. sasindu mahawewa says:

    ythanks enjoyed !!!?

  7. Paitriot21 says:

    how? soon?

  8. sasindu mahawewa says:

    ysame 2 you we enjoyed?

  9. rickshaw171 says:

    wow? wire shark

  10. eladza says:


  11. Jeremy Swink says:

    why all the homo hate? D:<

  12. sasindu mahawewa says:

    shag her?

  13. eladza says:

    lol.? wut

  14. sasindu mahawewa says:

    512? bit

  15. fvlad18 says:

    u crazy bitchssssss…?

  16. 67576856666478964567 says:

    Cool story, bros. Tell? it again.

  17. 3617snake says:

    no hes just? gay

  18. 3617snake says:

    homo? gay sexual

  19. 3617snake says:

    yeah he is?

  20. 3617snake says:


  21. 3617snake says:


  22. 3617snake says:


  23. 3617snake says:


  24. 3617snake says:


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