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Hacking Tip: How To Use Proxies

December 27, 2011 by admin  
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Proxies are great for surfing the web anonymously. This video will show you how to set up them up and use them. Proxify – HideMyAss – http WhatIsMyIPAdress – Foxy Proxy – https Proxy Switchy – Tor Project – IP Hider – http Tutorial on using IP Hider – to unlock all your favorite websites. bypass filters and firewalls at school, work. do not let anyone to control your browsing your school, office, apartment, administrator block your access to facebook, twitter, plurk, myspace, orkut, video, streaming or you need to access web anonymously, use web proxy. What is SafeProxy Anonymous Surfing Stop Your Employers from seeing the websites you visit! Stop your Isp from seeing the websites you visit! Stop BigBrother from seeing the websites you visit! Free Anonymizing Website No Programs to Install. Block your IP Address and Stop Adds Help Stop Internet Profiling I will tell you how to search for working web proxy, only free proxy site, anonymous proxy list

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31 Responses to “Hacking Tip: How To Use Proxies”
  1. DrJackyllandMrHide says:

    @ifireburnedurhouse Yes, he did mean to say that because? of the names of the applications (Foxy Proxy and Proxy Switchy)

  2. mranosh007 says:

    You’re so? helpful, thanks. I already subscribed ;-)

  3. mazpti says:

    hi i have an optimun online app that i can view cable channels thru my? ipad…now i think they only let you view only from your location ( house )…my question is can the location be fooled, so it can be view from any or another location besides the house?…i think, not sure they go by th ip #….can i make the syst. think im using my same ip even if im in another location…

  4. ifireburnedurhouse says:

    Did mean to say below in the descripy bow below at 3:00?

  5. Cheddarswiss21 says:


  6. 540veera says:



  7. xmic30r4ngex29 says:


  8. TheHackerCinema says:

    check out? my channel?

  9. R4TH4CK3R says:

  10. Zoftomo says:

    Visit ZM? Forums for discussiona about hacking, gaming, computer hardware and operating systems

  11. StoneShipman says:

    Don’t connect? to the internet.

    Also, look into Tor.

  12. XxGAMEREAPERxX1 says:

    I? want a untraceble computer how do i do that.

  13. XxGAMEREAPERxX1 says:


  14. HONEYCOMB1234554321 says:

    i live in the UK and that hidemyass . com helped me get? on :D

  15. MsAxel20 says:

    hidemyass? . com xD

  16. lol96uaz says:

    lol? HideMyAss(dot)com xD

  17. BaltoMovie says:

    @mrwindowsshit1 lol that doesn’t work?

  18. ekkkkkknoes says:

    @mrwindowsshit1 If you want to be 100% save use? 10 proxies.

  19. ZaidanTV says:

    heyy chk out my videos, i posted one on how to hide your ip….there is no way? any1 can trace you

  20. ZaidanTV says:

    @MistyPrograms thnks for da? info

  21. ZaidanTV says:

    @MistyPrograms? thnks for da info

  22. MistyPrograms says:

    @WiiNintendoMii thats your LAN (local area network) ip only ppl in ur house will? see that so dont worry.

  23. MistyPrograms says:

    @ZaidanTV yup thats true? it is possible if the hackers own the proxy

  24. MistyPrograms says:

    proxpn vpn – the best proxy/vpn thats free ;)

    also they delete logs after two weeks? :)

  25. wwmitchelww1 says:

    @WiiNintendoMii Also Mine…
    Thats the standert? router I.P (for case if you didnt know)

  26. 06itme says:

    Free Google Web Proxy? ?—>

  27. aTCproduction29 says:


  28. torvpn says:

    @SafeProxy: LOL what ad copy? @chong: “only free? proxy list”?! Really?? :)

  29. twygally says:

    @SafeProxy Your? attorney? lol.

  30. SafeProxy says:

    Remove? Our Ad Copy Now!
    or our Attorney
    will have your account deleted
    )))) SafeProxy ((((

  31. nw1420 says:

    Surf all of your favorite sites with the weedo web proxy!
    Just go to : weedo? [.] info and surf your favorite sites without being blocked!

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