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Hacking: Basic Information Gathering

March 8, 2012 by admin  
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!!READ THIS SHIT!! !!THESE NOTES EXPAND ON THE VIDEO!! !!YOU MAY HAVE TO TURN UP THE VOLUME!! This demonstration is dedicated to my lovely lover Ashley aka Andromeda. Learning Hacking can be tedius, annoying and difficult and it can be tough trying to remember all this stuff so I try to make it “short, sweet and to the point” because i firmly believe it is easier to learn and commit to memory something that is short rather than looooong! ========== Video Notes ========== Shortcut to run command: Windows+R type cmd and [enter] commands: tracert [url or IP] ping [url or IP] learn to make batch scripts for DoS attacks and make them loop but make sure you have a good connection. People say it can be iffy using public computers but I say it can’t hurt as long as you can hack into it! If they set ua PC with an alloted time be careful to conceal your identity maybe go to a pc that was abandoned. from there quickly script a DoS attack and simply walk away. **I do not promote hacking it is merely for educational purposes** Note on my IP Address: It is simple to change your IP address go onto the command line type ipconfig /release type ipconfig /renew that will give you a new ip address almost instantly PS I found that this interrupts streams on sites so if you might get gettin in trouble soon just renew your ip and close the browser i don’t know how effective this is your probly better off using a proxy but it works alright.

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4 Responses to “Hacking: Basic Information Gathering”
  1. syorpheus says:

    @ZehGoofyGoober you would have to be on a? redirectable router to port forward service into your lan ipv4 address

  2. ZehGoofyGoober says:

    @syorpheus you mean netbios? thats for local IPv4? so they’d have to crack into my wireless and I’d have to be vulnerable for anything to come of it O_O

  3. syorpheus says:

    @syorpheus comcast FTW?

  4. syorpheus says:

    you know people? can view all the computers on your network right? MAYBE attack them i would use the ipconfig release
    then ipconfig/renew

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