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Habbo Hacker NL ~ Updated 18-1-2012

January 20, 2012 by admin  
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This is a Proof of Concept I made to demonstrate that man portable heavy weapons are possible in ArmA and ArmA2. The 15th MEU Realism Unit was asking about this and here’s a clip for you guys. This method can be applied to different kind of weapons for example tripod mounted machine guns or mortars. I’ve done all of the config work, scripting and model modification myself. The original model was made by BIS and I just picked it apart and didn’t even bother with the textures for the model only serves as a proxy in this case. The whole thing took me only a couple of days to finish so the addon is not that complex and there are no overcomplicated scripts running in the background eating that precious CPU power. I did this in ArmA because I don’t have a powerful enough of a computer to run ArmA2 yet.


2 Responses to “Habbo Hacker NL ~ Updated 18-1-2012”
  1. gulianos says:

    Ik wil eerst echt weten dat ie werkt? weetje :S

  2. daveycrockett1978 says:

    Hey E1nherj. Nice video!
    I am creating a backpack for Arma and Arma2 and I want units to be able to pick it up,? wear it on their back and then take it off again with the action menu on the mouse wheel.
    Can I see the config file for your camera stand please?

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