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Government Internet Surveillance in Room 641A

March 31, 2013 by admin  
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By In 2006 Mark Klein, a technician for AT&T revealed the existence of a secret internet monitoring room called 641A. The NS…

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16 Responses to “Government Internet Surveillance in Room 641A”
  1. cbr6864 says:

    every single keystroke online is recorded then filtered to determine? if further action is needed. Think its BS that they dont have the technology think again a common smart phone is capable of speech recognition

  2. MrRidleyDog says:

    The government knows I have? $28.56 in my checking account and I watch a little bit porn on You Jizz once in a while. BIG DEAl.

  3. tonyfalca says:

    You are? a hero, Mark Klein, thank you!

  4. John Greenhoff says:

    - you are wrong. They copy all the data, the set up in 641A involved a network tap which doesn’t selectively copy data it takes all of it. Of course data mining techniques are then? used to look at specific emails/message/topics. Nobody said the NSA went through? all the emails individually and I don’t think anyone would be naive enough to think that happened.

  5. bigredbecker says:

    the government only taps into conversations/emails that they think are dangerous. if you think they are actually looking at your emails you are incredibly ignorant. the nsa is only so big and doesn’t have time for useless looking. they know what they are looking for so they don’t just go through the entire nation’s emails. this is an uniformed video and people need to get over themselves.?

  6. bleedingseasons says:

    ok well i hear that i udnerstand that it makes sense but how ever i? bet theyve already got the technology do it in a flash after all we are in the 21st century.

  7. John Greenhoff says:

    It’s not child’s play believe me, but of course a government can crack encryption if they have a small very specific piece of data to concentrate on. But even then it take tremendous resources. But it doesn’t really work like that? – they spy on the traffic in clear text looking for clues and keywords – the encrypted stuff will fly straight passed. They would need more than a room to decrypt all the encrypted stuff on the net – much, much more!

  8. bleedingseasons says:

    well then if the government cant get a round? a little bit of childs play encryption their techology as far as im concerned doesnt really work that well then.

  9. Ryan Mendenhall says:

    @NOLA556 Sorry, but I’ve never been one to believe that sort of thing. It’s been two months since I made that post, and I honestly don’t even remember what the video was entirely about. I don’t believe what you say, because I have not seen any? actual evidence to support that claim. You can suspect what you will, but that doesn’t make it so.

  10. joe1977poland says:

    it wasnt designed to catch the minor ones that steal only millions of dollars. if they would use it for that, then other branches of defense would be obsolete and loose their fundings and get shut down. it was designed to catch a big fish that may try to put a maritial law into the country. bu like kateryanx put it the right way, with couple of algorithms? in place and an ipod, you can encrypt message well enough that would take a government couple years of computer power to crack it

  11. John Greenhoff says:

    Because they? all encrypt their traffic……………….

  12. Ryan Mendenhall says:

    It’s bullshit. If the government is spying our net traffic, why don’t we catch? more internet predators BEFORE they commit their crimes?

  13. jeabo0adhd says:

    Its weird to have several? enemies at once.

  14. xenux123 says:

    Cool? vid..

  15. John Greenhoff says:

    Well for once? I’m in agreement with Hall and Oates

  16. mokacode says:

    Private Eyes
    they’re watching you
    Private? Eyes
    they’re watching you watching you watching you watching you…………….

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