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Google I/O 2011: High-performance GWT: best practices for writing smaller, faster apps

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David Chandler The GWT compiler isn’t just a Java to JavaScript transliterator. In this session, we’ll show you compiler optimizations to shrink your app and make it compile and run faster. Learn common performance pitfalls, how to use lightweight cell widgets, how to use code splitting with Activities and Places, and compiler options to reduce your app’s size and compile time.

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9 Responses to “Google I/O 2011: High-performance GWT: best practices for writing smaller, faster apps”
  1. neilcoder says:

    Brilliant presentation. You guys? rock!

  2. MayorMichaelShell says:

    When does it make sense to? bring back C++ in areas where RPC might explode and when relay lists are involved?

  3. ycol1973 says:

    oh I forgot
    7) Guice? + GIN

  4. ycol1973 says:

    All this is great but basically we are being told that if we want to develop good GWT apps we need to learn
    1) MVP (plus Events)
    2) History,Activity,Places
    3) Request Factory
    4) DTO
    5) AppEngine Entity APIs if we want to build a app engine application
    6) Plus other libraries like cell table etc
    Does this not sound like technology BLOAT
    I like MVP but the rest just needs to be hidden smartly from the developers if GWT is going to be widely adopted.?
    Otherwise why not just use js libaries+JSON

  5. alexandr0id says:

    All of these tricks look too overcomplicated to use and operate with. Even on concepts level – Activity in Android? represents entire screen and using it for desktop app seems to stretch the metaphor and makes it more confusing. While presented as “tricks” and “patterns”, they really seem to be crutches to cover for the platform deficiencies. Lots of it, if not all, should be implemented on much lower level and does not require extra code and lots of moving pieces to manage.

  6. vitrums says:

    it’s exactly that sort of overview, which any more or less advanced GWT developer might be looking? for

  7. branflake2267 says:

    Fantastic talk. I liked the app. I also liked the drawing for activities and place? manager.

  8. OriginalJessTV says:

    my start task manager i cant see the close,minimize and? the enlarger button and cant see my applications menu and the other ones help please !!! ???

  9. lunjation says:

    no comments yet? i love the way he explains things :) ?

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