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Google I/O 2010 – Make your app real-time with PubSubHubbub

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Google I/O 2010 – Make your application real-time with PubSubHubbub Social Web 201 Brett Slatkin This session will go over how to add support for the PubSubHubbub protocol to your website. You’ll learn how to turn Atom and RSS feeds into real-time streams. We’ll go over how to consume real-time data streams and how to make your website reactive to what’s happening on the web right now. For all I/O 2010 sessions, please go to

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Google Tech Talks February 21, 2007 ABSTRACT The Python language, while object-oriented, is fundamentally different from both C++ and Java. The dynamic and introspective nature of Python allow for language mechanics unlike that of static languages. This talk aims to enlighten programmers new to Python about these fundamentals, the language mechanics that flow from them and how to effectively put those to use. Among the topics covered are duck-typing, interfaces, descriptors, decorators, metaclasses, reference-counting and the cyclic-garbage collector, the divide between C/C++ data and Python objects and the CPython implementation in general. This talk is part of the Advanced Topics in…


34 Responses to “Google I/O 2010 – Make your app real-time with PubSubHubbub”
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  2. yanisequeponer says:

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  3. swati20100 says:

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  4. DartGreene says:

    PusSubHubbub, the name looks? too long to remember.

  5. Mediamol says:

    I now working on device untruste operamini and login to my “youtube mediamol” by my google account have a Gener? Smart error:
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  6. drbeserka says:

    Really well explained, as always Top stuff from? Google

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  10. RenegadeFury says:

    I got linked to this video for searching:
    Reader Rabbit DOS

    Oh well, I didn’t attend this talk? at the IO conference. (Yeah I went there ^^)

  11. iamnickmartin says:

    Pure gold. Thanks for this talk.?

  12. iamnickmartin says:

    I think that’s actually the right? pronunciation :)

  13. iamnickmartin says:

    I? feel sad for your snake.

  14. moorsalin3 says:

    python returns programming language
    pythons returns? the snake and the flying circus

  15. moorsalin3 says:

    why not get pissed that apples have been copyrighted, and so has the feeling of glee, or the humiliation of rick santorum

    and what about the? monty python flying circus, which is what python programming is named after

  16. HOORVT says:

    this group of cock fucks copyright the name PYTHON

    for that any snake lover? should be very angry

  17. HOORVT says:

    you waste my fucking time, yes ofcoarse someone searching for PYTHONS wants? to LOOK AT PYTHONS

    unless they are some little programming shit head

  18. marshmalloney says:

    what so because your some weirdo who wants to look at pythons? a long-standing highly powerful programming language is not allowed?

  19. HOORVT says:

    yeah bad day that? day :P im sure this pyhton program kicks ass in all aspects

  20. Alpeche21 says:

    LOL? umad bro?

  21. HOORVT says:

    what the fuck, i want to learn about PYTHONS not fucking computer programing

    shit that cock fucks can copyright the name PYTHON for a computer program

    why cant programmers be original, wtf, poison search engines is all this? kinda trademarking does… bullshit

  22. moveaxebx says:

    How on earth did you put Python, Java and JavaScript under the same bell?
    That just shows that you know nothing about programming as? a concept and theory.
    You probably know just one language and now you scream about it.

  23. sk8erpro10 says:

    Gaara of the? func():

  24. DarkAAProductions says:

    OMG 1? hour and 15 MINS!

  25. HighTechPanda says:

    lol he? said Greedo van rossum

  26. TheHabboHax0r says:

    *mind? explodes*

  27. addmoreice says:

    ad hominem ad hominem….

    I said, yes. perl is easier for parsing. i agree. but perl can look like keyboard headbang spam, python does not. perl makes it real easy for a new programmer? to do a lot of damage. python less so.

  28. ThunderAppeal says:

    Dear Moron, you dont have any ‘salient’ points the only thing you brought up was how to remove white spaces using perl and python. If that is the bulk of your programming experience with both languages, which judging by the way you are stalling and ignoring everything I said *prior* to your childish little example, then you are in fact an imbecile. Since it seems that you are willing to agree with that I’m willing to call it? a draw if you are.

  29. addmoreice says:

    I repeated the salient points of the discussion yes….and notice your? contribution has been ‘nuh uh’ and ‘your stupid!’ comments? I agreed where you where right, and showed the places where you where wrong with evidence.

    It’s called an argument. try it some time.

  30. ThunderAppeal says:

    Youre just repeating everything I told you earlier on. You dont even bother rereading any comments except your own.
    And? now youve regurgitated everything I wrote to you.

    Please repeat yourself some more, I’m sure you feel proud of yourself when you do.

  31. addmoreice says:

    Strange, you didn’t address? any of the core of my comments. You ignored the points I made about ease of use for both experienced and beginner programmers (providing a trade off on skills of employees), ignored my point about 3rd party issues…and then deleted a bunch of spurious ad hominem attacks. The only point you DID make I fully agreed with you on….and pointed out how it’s an unusual circumstance (though a valid one).

    Joust at another windmill, tell me how that goes.

  32. ThunderAppeal says:

    Python, java,javascript is a piece of shit language for imbeciles, the fact that? google uses it proves nothing more than that a bunch of well trained monkeys can program.

    With Perl at least I can perform a calculation on a string and not worry about doing a str to int conversion. Perls regexp are light years far and away ahead of any bullshit that python uses today. Python, java makes me sick.

  33. ThunderAppeal says:

    The version I’m using is “Youre a fucking imbecile if you have to program to remove white spaces”

    This shit is tedious with you. I’ve already explained the drawbacks? in python and they are pretty big.

  34. umarpazir says:

    python nice? language……………..!!!!!!!!

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