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Google Chrome:Unable To Connect To Proxy Server Error

March 22, 2013 by admin  
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This video shows you how to fix the Unable to Connect to Proxy Server error in Google Chrome. If the suggested technique didn’t work, you should check your f…

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Tutorial: How to Configure Google Chrome with a Proxy Server.


24 Responses to “Google Chrome:Unable To Connect To Proxy Server Error”
  1. learningtocompute says:

    If you don’t have the gear, there should be three black lines next to the Bookmark? star. What version of Chrome are you running ?

  2. kibawolflve124 says:

    i dont have werch tool? help?

  3. Muhammad Asyraaf says:

    my computer can open chrome when i disable the firewall antivirus ..
    how to open? chrome without disable firewall ??
    Please help me !!!

  4. learningtocompute says:

    It’s just a misconfiguration, the didn’t actually block the internet from you. You should be able to fix the issue, by following this video. Let me know? if it still doesn’t work for you.

  5. dididavid David says:

    Hi.. TY. Anyway, what is the use of that proxy server, why did they? blocked my internet connection?

  6. learningtocompute says:

    Your welcome, and? thank you !!

  7. ismaa3eeel says:

    thaaaaaanksssss u r the besttttt thankssss maaaan? SUBSCRIBE !!!

  8. Gavin Speace says:

    everything was already checked,? just like in the video, I am trying to register for an origin account and the proxy error message comes up.

  9. Dillon Singh says:

    Your the? best!

  10. Lauren Alex says:


  11. kaghyuga says:

    *0* omg !!!!!!!!!!!!!? i love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. SHiFTGrvty says:

    thank? you sooooo much!!

  13. foxmarkowski says:

    Thank? you very much! Worked perfectly :)

  14. learningtocompute says:

    Your Welcome. Thanks for watching.?

  15. ChurchofScientology5 says:

    Chances are if you’re getting this message, you’re trying to use a proxy. People? need an actual fix so they can use the proxy.

  16. learningtocompute says:

    If? you’ve tried everything in this video, you may want to try clearing your browsing history, running disc cleanup. If these don’t work, you could also try uninstalling/re-installing the web browser. Please let me know if you don’t get it to work and I will? try to help you as much as I can. Thanks for contacting me.

  17. learningtocompute says:

    make sure you check? your firewall settings.

  18. I Veljche says:

    not working? :’(

  19. learningtocompute says:

    Your welcome, I’m glad I could help you.?

  20. Bryan Walton says:

    ohhh thank? you very much!!!!!!!!!

  21. learningtocompute says:

    Your? welcome, glad the video helped you.

  22. learningtocompute says:

    Your? Welcome.

  23. FunnyTruths101 says:


  24. MasterWolf31 says:

    ok thnx i? try this now

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