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Global Warfare How to strafe for quick results

June 16, 2012 by admin  
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This is how I do it, as leader I had been asked how I do it so I made a video on how I did it. I hope you enjoy!

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18 Responses to “Global Warfare How to strafe for quick results”
  1. jose rodriguez says:

    jajaja yo tengo billones de recursos quieren video de mis recursos pero que lastima que no se los puedo pasar or youtube sino les? dejo unos millones para cada uno elcid20
    mi mundo

  2. jose rodriguez says:

    jajaja este hombre esta chiquito de tropas al lado? mio ajajaj gracias bro igual


    However dude now are out even? 6 and 7 city.


    @930calebmorris he has a lot of resources for you? Come on, I’ve food just on? my first city. It’s easy find food and oil. Just one attack to terrorist level 10 and you take 3.000.000 food and 1.000.000 oil, and you lost just 2.000 power!


    I’m at? 42 level player! I can’t grow more without other city!


    I’ve thousands of each artifact! But I still don’t? have the fucking plans for that fucking third city. It’s imperative for me found out other city. Because UPKEEP is killing me, I have 20.000.000 power with just 2 fucking city.


    Dude it doesn’t work your strategy. I have attack the same terrorist camp? over 100 times at day for 9 months, I’m still at second city. If it continue like this I surely BUY the 3,4 & 5 city!

  8. 930calebmorris says:

    damn, you have a LOT of resources and everything is HIGHLY upgraded!?

  9. JimboJitsu says:

    You are? welcome.

  10. jacil300 says:

    ok thank you?

  11. jacil300 says:

    ok thank you ?

  12. JimboJitsu says:

    better to look at…?

  13. JimboJitsu says:

    if you are trying to get your general level up or trying to get city plans, yes.?

  14. danny2pimp says:

    dude why is your general? a girl

  15. jacil300 says:

    ao you? sut keep attacking the came wild or terrorist over and over again righ ?

  16. Jonnydon24 says:

    i? feel old im in eis1

  17. JimboJitsu says:


  18. deerhunter1029p says:

    what? world you in? i am in hummel 46 and henryV21.

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