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Frontal21 über Anonymous – Wikileaks schlägt zurück

June 8, 2012 by admin  
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Teil der Sendung Frontal 21 vom, 14.12.2010 im ZDF Uploaded under the Fair use doctrine for News reporting under the american Cpoyright law. Links zum Thema: Forum Demos Hamburg: Deutsche Anonymous Zelle Hamburg: Internationals forum

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Video demonstration to show you how to configure Google Chrome to use a Proxy Server, so that you can surf wherever you want in the world.


27 Responses to “Frontal21 über Anonymous – Wikileaks schlägt zurück”
  1. dante481996 says:

    schwachsinn !! anonymous ist eine untergrundorganisation die sich NIE öffentlichzeigt da sie? für ihre (meiner meinung nach guten aktivitäten) belangt werden sollen !! we are anonymous

  2. 3r3ndel says:

    omg l2w fag?

  3. Holowachuk says:

    tsssss…. ich? habe genug berichte von frontal 21 gesehn, die die wahrheit suggerieren und trotzdem nur müll sind.

  4. ivy2235 says:

    Entlich ein? Wideo die warheit sagt,es lebe die Freiheit

  5. Serkant75 says:

    die macht den Internet? nutzern !

  6. Netzblockierer says:

    So why the damn are u posting your response in english onto a german? youtube video? Got deleted form all english-languaged???

  7. Netzblockierer says:

    0:41 – ES GIBT #Anonymous auch in der Antarktis! Ich bin ein Beispiel dazu!!!?

  8. Netzblockierer says:

    Any proofs? I know how to host even worstest stuff just a few blocks away from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave; impossible to be located and/or shut down by? US government! shall we bet? Maybe you just got pissed off and need something to loot for pushing yourself up?

  9. MrGhandiM says:

    1. No one in the US has been persecuted for the documents published.
    2. Wikileaks is still online.
    3. Assange is living at a house of a former british secret service agent.
    4. Most things seen on WL have already been known before.
    5. Most documents have? been altered.
    6. Countrys looking bad at WL are mainly the Iran and Pakistan.
    7. Assange is having publicity in western media.
    8. Assange has the official point of view on 9/II
    A coincidence?
    I’m convinced not!!!

  10. MeisterderSiegel says:

    Depeschen-Desaster in? sechs Akten

  11. AnonyPL says:

    LIKE IT ;) ?

  12. MegaBagat says:

    WHAT? IS MY PROXY!!!!!!

  13. s1a1n1d1i says:

    where i can get the adress you stupid why you? dont thel us

  14. Hawkman756 says:

    are the proxy numbers? your ip adress?

  15. TheSaint000001 says:

    idk what my username? and password is, like i never even remember setting one up

  16. trustedwebservices says:

    @TheInsanaable you can buy? a Geo Proxy Server from our site at trustedproxies com which may help

  17. TheInsanaable says:

    please some link of download show me this message : please complete a survey to download this file. sorry there are no survey available for your country . what that mean please , must i used ? ip proxy of an other country to resolve thiss problem or what ??? PLEASE TELL ME WHAT CAN I DO …thanks

  18. carlosexys says:

    proxy makes my computer so f slow xD and? how i get back my port?

  19. trustedwebservices says:

    You find the address and Port in the Welcome Email you get when you sign? up for a paid subscription.

  20. flashkill201 says:

    were can? u find ur proxy server ADRESS/PORT please reply. thankz.

  21. trustedwebservices says:

    Do you have a paid account with us? If not, you can order at and then you have access to comprehensive? Tech Support.

  22. roccorock997 says:

    I do what this video? says, but the error always comes up again, and I always have to go set it again and it happens like every hour :/

  23. trustedwebservices says:

    I’m not sure I follow, once you have set them and pressed “OK” they should be “remembered” until you change them? again.

  24. roccorock997 says:

    Is there a way to change proxy settings under LAN Settings to it doesn’t revert to a default setting? every time or so?

  25. trustedwebservices says:

    You can sign up for a Proxy? Server plan at trustedproxies . com

  26. zacster90 says:

    Please tell me how to find the proxy server address and what? user name and password to use. -thanks

  27. Belkamaniac says:

    Type PRIZE before youtube and hit enter?

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