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Free proxy- Surf anonymously now!

November 8, 2011 by admin  
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default Free proxy  Surf anonymously now!

Free proxy that allows you to visit anywhere and lets you watch videos unlike other proxies. Its a site and its not blocked anywhere yet. If its blocked, please leave a comment and i will change the url. The url can be found here. Visit

Using Proxies in php scripts – video tutorial submitted in our “double your proxies” program


8 Responses to “Free proxy- Surf anonymously now!”
  1. XSubzeroXxx says:

    Fudging blocked..

  2. HammerFud says:

    WHat this opens something called my project and showas african kids

  3. hEro4productionz says:

    xa song ?

  4. dsanchez011 says:

    dosent work as good as some others out.

  5. 822437 says:

    uncheck the following

    “Store cookies for this session only”

    “Remove client-side scripting (i.e JavaScript)

    ” Allow cookies to be stored”

  6. ShyGuy236 says:

    @822437 ok it was working for like 10min…but now it stopped again…..
    it just never loads the site….

  7. 822437 says:

    @ShyGuy236 Sorry, it works now. I was testing out my other website i made, still newbie lol. But now the proxy should be working. Let me know if its blocked in your school.

  8. ShyGuy236 says:

    uh….the link is not whats in the video

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