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Free Proxy Sites Surf Web in Secret

September 30, 2012 by admin  
Filed under Videos Free Proxy Sites Surf Web in Secret and bypass work or schools security settings.

Join anonymous by protesting, Help stop scientology and there murders. Stop this killing cult.


26 Responses to “Free Proxy Sites Surf Web in Secret”
  1. bethspanswick says:

    the only problem is at my school each student has their own laptop so even if we manage to find a proxy the school can see what? we;re doing and filter it -_-

  2. 06itme says:

    Free proxy? hosted on Google ? — >
    and? advertisements free

  3. 06itme says:

    Free proxy? hosted on Google? ? — >
    and advertisements free

  4. missgap85 says:

    ? You can get tons of fresh daily proxies? with ProxyHarvester :

  5. nw1420 says:

    Surf all of your? favorite sites with the weedo web proxy!
    Just go to : weedo [.] info and surf your favorite sites without being blocked!

  6. hotcokane says:

    that site is rubbish. all advertisers.?

  7. h4cktim3 says:


  8. sitses says:

    nice video! btw theres another fast/easy way to hide your ip, just use unbl0ck.? net

  9. MezupK says:

    wtf my sound is? fucked up

  10. MezupK says:

    Never heard? of Church of Scientology man i am a dumb.

  11. Carpathia Mooneshadow says:

    They do? not hate science. Most Anons are actually quite intelligent and value the sciences. The Church of Scientology is what they are against. It is a pseudo religion essentially “founded” by science fiction author Ron L. Hubbard. Scientology has nothing to do with science, I promise. In fact- going to the link in the vid is the best way to learn.

  12. twinkeez14 says:!?

  13. MezupK says:

    What are you anons trying to do or doing and why you hate science i don’t even understand who you are lol i am? such a new computer newbie?

  14. fightNWO4freedom says:

    I was raised by Jehovah Witness parents until I escaped at about 15. Looking back and knowing what I know now being on the outside, it was all very blatant intentional mind control and brainwashing. I call the following several years of recovery all alone with no family or friends and never having been exposed to the real world before a long stage of “post cult trauma”. If you ever wanna target them and expose the secrets of their founder, Charles Taze Russell, please be my guest!?

  15. ZeroSelfJustice says:

    how to join anonymous, web page for? download aplications and coordinate atacks DDos

  16. ZeroSelfJustice says:

    how to? join anonymous web page for download aplications and coordinate atacks

  17. ZeroSelfJustice says:

    how to join anonymous?

  18. coolerwesbox says:

    SCIENTOLIG MUST DIE, we are gonna kill there religion and? if you are supportfull of this then do your part

  19. HABRADASHR says:

    where do i? sign up?

  20. losv100 says:

    you’re kidding? right???
    the cos defaced this….

  21. DJMatth3w says:

    how? can i join Anonymous

  22. Jack Jones says:

    i am a active member in anon and need to get? another massive protest togeather soon… need people to help. contact me a.s.a.p.

  23. Jack Jones says:

    i am a active anon member and i need some people to help? me get something off the ground. please contact me back.

  24. HouseSpiderAnon says:

    I disagree. It won’t? help us recruit uptight people who shouldn’t be sought after anyway. There’s plenty of rainbow bright pony flowers and hug raids promo vids out there. Let’s make some for the people that aren’t stuffy and know internetz and won’t run away crying when they encounter bad language or ethnic satire on our websites.

  25. anon22468 says:

    Probably not, but when i? made this video i was actually angry at Scientology, sorry.

  26. nickypowell says:

    great vid but the little bit in the middle saying “fuck? you” wont help us recruit…

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