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Free Anonymous Proxy Sites Vs. Ip Change Software

March 1, 2011 by admin  
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Free Anonymous Proxy Sites Vs. Ip Change Software

Free Anonymous Proxy Sites Vs. Ip Change Software

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Home Page > Computers > Free Anonymous Proxy Sites Vs. Ip Change Software

Free Anonymous Proxy Sites Vs. Ip Change Software

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Posted: Jan 29, 2010 |Comments: 0
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Isn’t it a surprise to discover the advertisements you see while surfing on line seem to exactly know your location. Blame your IP address. Your IP address is your identification to the cyberspace. It is your IP address that is to blame. It is your identity code on the internet. IP address, short for internet protocol address shows your real location to every one in the cyber space. Every computer that is linked to the internet carries an IP address. This is basically how evrybody is aware where everybody is on the internet. For tech savvy people your unique IP address could also reveal your identity. To protect yourself against stolen identity you should use an IP Changer software or proxy sites. These services hide your real IP address by giving out one or more different IP addresses.

Howevr you must recognize that free proxy sites may cause more harm than good. These sites simply work by letting you use their IP address and thus protecting your identity and location. But there is a possible dark side to it. While most are legitimate there is the possibility that some can be havens for unsavory hackers and identity thieves who can get hold of your IP address and whole lot more.

Most such free proxy sites have very little if any security features that would protect their users while on the internet. Because the sites are free the owners may not have the budget to invest in expensive security features.

Furthermore, users should watch out when using these free services because it is possible hackers could be owners of those sites and thus putting your personal information, identity and privacy at risk.When you use free proxies, you expose your information to the owners. It really is like coursing your online activities to another computer for it to record it, and your information is still exposed; therefore, your very reason for using a proxy is destroyed. By using free proxies you would be giving your information to the owners of these sites. It really is like giving access to another computer to monitor and record your online activity and thus defeat the very purpose of using a proxy.

The moment you access your financial accounts over a proxy website with the hope you remain anonymous, you are even exposing yourself to a more serious threat â?? the possibilities of being an identity theft victim because somebody else had seen your financial information. In this case, it is the free proxy websites.However, paid IP Changer software from reputable companies can truly protect the users. Since this software is paid for or on paid subscription the companies invest time and expense on strong security measures to protect their client’s IP addresses and information. Users can feel more reassured and confident in using these services.Some people might say it really is just a choice between free service and paid service. But using caution and common sense one would come to conclusion that a service from paid reputable companies is far more reassuring and the investment is worth protecting your identity, personal information, privacy and most of all peace of mind.

An essential investment on something like an IP changer Software or Service which will let you change IP addresses will surely go a long way, especially in todayâ??s Internet age. Keeping your anonymity in the cyberspace will help you stay secured plus more confident that you wonâ??t be a victim of identity theft.

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Virender Labroo -
About the Author:

Having learnt about IP Changer software and its benefits now go to and out this unique software solution for free and take steps to protect your identity and to surf safely and securely on the internet.


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Having learnt about IP Changer software and its benefits now go to and out this unique software solution for free and take steps to protect your identity and to surf safely and securely on the internet.

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