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FoxyProxy Tutorial – Accessing BBC iPlayer from abroad

January 14, 2013 by admin  
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Install the Firefox add-on here: Find a UK proxy address here: FULL INSTRUCTIONS: Install the FoxyProxy add-on to Firefox here: and restart the browser. FoxyProxy can send your internet connection through a UK computer, helping you to access websites (ie BBC iPlayer) which are usually geographically blocked. In a sense, you are connecting via a computer (or ‘proxy’) in the UK, in order to access iPlayer. 1) You will now need to add a British IP address for FoxyProxy to use. You can simple google ‘free UK web proxy IP’ – I prefer to find them at and The IP address will look something like this: Note down the number (try copying it) and the accompanying number for the port (usually 2-5 digits). 2) Double click on ‘FoxyProxy: Disabled’ text at the bottom right of firefox and click ‘add new proxy’. Type the IP address into the field next to ‘Host or IP Address’ and the port digits into the ‘Port’ field, then click ‘ok’ and then ‘close’. 3) Go to iPlayer: Radio is free and open to all worldwide, but you will to enable your proxy for watching TV. 4) *Right* click (on a Mac, hold ctrl and click) the ‘FoxyProxy: Disabled’ text at the bottom right of Firefox. Select the blue ‘Use proxy XXX for all URLs’. Your connection will likely become slower, so only use the proxy for viewing blocked websites. 5) When done viewing the blocked content, ensure you disable the


16 Responses to “FoxyProxy Tutorial – Accessing BBC iPlayer from abroad”
  1. Ecolem Hance says:

    Guys dont fuck around with free proxies…its slow and most of the time doesnt even work.

    everyone try…it installs an extension on Chrome that works REALLY well? with no configuration.

    thumbs up so others know.

  2. TheSundaysLive says:

    For those with apple(Mac OS X 10.7 or later) there is another way.
    Download “Get Iplayer Automator”(google it).
    Set ITunes to 32 bits modus(Finder/programs/show info)
    It might also work on ipad, haven’t tried? yet.
    Feel free to ask help, good luck.

  3. Najeeb Ullah says:

    Check? out my PsVita unboxing vid !!&)@$;;/;

  4. Izak80 says:

    How? safe is FoxyProxy compared to Tor?

  5. Alexander Budko says:

    Bloody Brilliant Channel now available in bloody Russia! Bloody thanks! :) ?

  6. sweetamory says:

    click on your start? up menu it maybe saved there, if it is double click it and the icon should appear in right bottom

  7. Mannheimer192 says:

    the addon works, but it won’t show the icon at the bottom? right.
    anyone knows how to make it appear?

  8. villen86 says:

    go to samair (dot) ru/proxy and search by? country, only use the trasparent proxies not the anon ones.

  9. MoonlightDoom says:

    I have? never found a proxy that works using this system. Expatshield my have its faults, but for the technophobe it is a much better system

  10. annmariek59 says:

    works perfect.? thanks

  11. iRandomReviews says:

    It? works yet I recommend searching “uk proxy” on Google and on page ten there are good ones. Try finding some.

  12. primevel2 says:

    I don’t no how to work? it

  13. Plynthe Jiblleton says:

    Fanx,? mate!

  14. tomas71993 says:

    when i have uk proxeproxy on on every page i go tells me to put a? code and name whats is that?

  15. ThePyroProduction says:

    i found a great article that really helped me to watch iplayer. now? i can watch Top Gear!
    (replace * with . )?

  16. Slurpy8Musings says:


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