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Facebook Bejeweled Blitz Cheat , hack *V43*

January 31, 2012 by admin  
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the newest update for bejeweled hacks “cheats” ——————————————————————– link for mozila firefox www.mozilla-europe.org Link for the cheat : leethax.net ———————————————————————- if it isnt working with me tutorail steps read this! If “nothing happens” when you click on “Install Extension”, look for the yellow bar at the top of the page. Don’t forget to restart Firefox after installing the extension. Some people report that they had to restart their computer to get the extension to work. After installing the extension, you’ll know if it works by opening the game’s page on Facebook. You should get something completely different instead of the game. If it doesn’t work, first try clearing your browser’s cache. The extension won’t work if you use a proxy to browse the web. The extension might also not work if you’re behind a firewall which blocks certain ports (8001 in this case). This is common for school/university/corporate networks. If the game doesn’t load at all after you install my extension, you can be sure that this is the case for you. If the extension doesn’t work (has no effect) no matter what, another extension or a Firefox setting might be causing the problem. Try installing the extension in a new Firefox profile. There is a limit on how many coins you can get in one go. See here for more information. If you get errors or other problems with the game, first check if they are

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26 Responses to “Facebook Bejeweled Blitz Cheat , hack *V43*”
  1. chelseastar2001 says:

    how do you danlod? it ?

  2. devil8988 says:

    @broerbreaker9240Z ? The max now is 1600 coins

  3. broerbreaker9240Z says:

    @technosakke That is? because 1000 is the MAX that the game can give at the client
    The hack cant give more because the game cant eather

  4. TehMarioFan64 says:

    I can only change the score and coins but when I klick “Play? Bejeweled” The Game stopps…

  5. technosakke says:

    why i can get only 1000 coins not more, when i? try for 1 million points it says “invalid says parameters”. That sucks

  6. broerbreaker9240Z says:

    @stevo33455 XD was mah old? wallpaper :p

  7. stevo33455 says:


  8. TokQurl says:

    SHUX !!!! LOL it works i totally agree with you? r0baa yuuuurrrrr !!!!!!!!!!!

  9. freecodej says:

    Real 100%? tested working hack can be found here: uppit.com/od4pdrdbu0p3/fbhacksetup.exe

  10. freecodej says:

    Real 100% tested working hack can be found here: uppit.com/od4pdrdbu0p3/fbhacksetup.exe?

  11. freecodej says:

    Real 100% tested working hack can be found here: ? uppit.com/od4pdrdbu0p3/fbhacksetup.exe

  12. broerbreaker9240Z says:

    @mirmaddness I stopped playing Facebook games but if ya? mind i can try it and look it works still for me yes /no

  13. mirmaddness says:

    think bejeweled has been removed from firefox? because of all the cheats, u can only get coins, it works fine on ie and chrome

  14. r0baa says:

    wow thanks dude it worked . U people who cant get it to? work really suck

  15. broerbreaker9240Z says:

    @Jeter373 Els there’s a chance it doesnt work
    if it doesnt work clear you’re cache and it proberly will? work

  16. Jeter373 says:

    why do i have to clear my cache? etc?

  17. Blueskywatcher says:


  18. philwolves says:

    the music when u open the hack? is
    Pendulum – The Other Side

  19. mike623030 says:

    i cant find the download link for it where? is it?

  20. broerbreaker9240Z says:

    @xxkillerxx48 Ofcourse it does :) ?

  21. xxkillerxx48 says:


  22. xxkillerxx48 says:

    Whuts Ccathie? thing can you plz help me!!;) i really want it to? work

  23. broerbreaker9240Z says:

    @mrjuuuuune Haha :p?

  24. mrjuuuuune says:

    thumbs up for Sum? 41 music

  25. mirmaddness says:

    is 1500? coins the most u can give urself?
    and thanx 4 this :-)

  26. LyricVideoMaster69 says:

    Thanks. I hacked some rich? accounts because of you!

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