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Ergo Proxy AMV

July 28, 2012 by admin  
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WARNING!: Contains some pretty big spoilers! Don’t watch unless you’re OK with that! This is my first AMV. I had to use Windows Movie Maker… so, please be gentle. Heh. I think the song goes pretty well, though. EDIT: The opening song for the title is Hip Hop Anonymous by He Is Legend. I don’t take any credit for that song, either! Thanks, Xandrak

Video Rating: 4 / 5


6 Responses to “Ergo Proxy AMV”
  1. 5krunner1545 says:

    its way better? than eureka 7

  2. SKITTL3freak says:

    good video, you can hide your ip easily? at unbl0ck(dot)net.

  3. JGOBEIL says:

    nice video! btw theres another fast/easy way to hide your? ip, just use unbl0ck. net

  4. gohst9015 says:

    wat is this anime? about and is it as good as eureka 7?

  5. Xandrak says:

    Thanks!? =]

  6. willemtd says:

    It’s a good amv and i like so much Ergo Proxy and? Bridge to Solace.

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