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Elite Proxy – Create Your Own Private Proxy Server

March 28, 2011 by admin  
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Elite Proxy – Create Your Own Private Proxy Server

Elite Proxy – Create Your Own Private Proxy Server

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Home Page > Internet > Elite Proxy – Create Your Own Private Proxy Server

Elite Proxy – Create Your Own Private Proxy Server

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Posted: Jan 04, 2010 |Comments: 0
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Why create your own private proxy server? There are many sites online providing free proxies, so one may wonder as to what the benefits are of creating your own private proxy server? Free proxies are easily available and if you don’t want to setup your own private proxy you also have the option of renting IPs from some websites. The problem with renting IPs from others or using free proxies is that they are not reliable and usually very expensive. Setting up your own private proxy means you’ll be 100% anonymous online and don’t have to worry about speed or performance related issues. The best proxy is one that you have complete control over and this includes every step from setting it up to actually using it while you are surfing online.

Free proxies sound great but compared to your own private proxy they can’t compete. Free proxies come in many forms, some are web based and others are just IPs that you use via your favourite web browser. Regardless of the kind of free proxy you use, the major issue with them is that they aren’t reliable. If you’ve spent any time looking for free proxies then you’ll know that you can spend hours searching for them and even if you are lucky enough to find one that works, it is usually so slow that it can be almost impossible to use. The end result is that you waste a lot of time and energy and end up with nothing. Beyond being a huge waste of time, free proxies aren’t secure. They typically leak IP information or don’t conceal that they are IPs. This is pointless if you want a proxy server to be anonymous online. Creating your own proxy avoids all of these problems completely.

Renting IPs from others is no better than using a free proxy server. While rented IPs are typically a little faster than free proxies, they still suffer from the same problem of you not having complete control over them. How many people are using the IP you rented? The website you purchased it from might say only one person, you, but how can you confirm this? There is no way you can tell if the IP you rent has been sold ten times, twenty times or even one hundreds. The next major problem is that rented IPs are typically over priced when compared to the cost of setting up your own elite private proxy server. Rented IPs are usually five to ten times more expensive than what you would have paid for the IP if you set up your own proxy. This might be ok if you only need one IP, but if you need multiple IPs you can save hundreds of dollars a month with your own proxy server.

The only solution to getting a proxy server that doesn’t suffer from poor performance and expensive costs is to create your own private proxy server. Elite proxies are the best in the world of private proxies and setting them up is simple and easy. They offer 100% anonymity and are the absolute best solution to surfing the internet with a private proxy server.

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About the Author:

Looking to create your own private proxy server? Visit the elite proxies website to discover everything you need to know about setting up elite proxy servers.


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How to set Elite Proxy ? is there any special browser available which can by-pass the proxy-server of any school or work place?
What if the web based proxy servers are also blocked by the original proxy which i want to bypass?
I want to download free trial version of proxy server please give me that link

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Looking to create your own private proxy server? Visit the elite proxies website to discover everything you need to know about setting up elite proxy servers.

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