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Elite Proxy Checker – The Besy Way to Scan Proxy Lists Fast

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Elite Proxy Checker – The Besy Way to Scan Proxy Lists Fast

Finding proxies is really very simple, but finding proxies that actually work is a different story. Anyone who wants to use free proxies really needs to get their hands on an elite proxy checker. Proxy checkers are a simple and easy solution to saving time and making sure that you weed out the bad proxies in your proxy lists and keep only the good ones. This, however, raises another question. What’s the best software to use to check proxies with? Are paid proxy checkers better than free proxy checkers? By knowing which software to use, you’ll make finding working proxy lists a much simpler thing to do.

If you use proxies then a proxy checker should be something you use on a frequent basis. Why is this? Checking proxies is vital because many proxy lists you find online just don’t work anymore. You could check the proxies by hand, but it would end up taking many hours. The level of anonymity, the speed of the proxy and the country the proxy is located in are three main things you should be concerned about when using proxy servers. There is nothing worse than a proxy server that is extremely slow. Using a proxy like this makes surfing the internet near impossible. Proxy server anonymity is also important. Software can make checking thousands of proxies simple and you’ll be able to see immediately which ones are anonymous and which ones aren’t. Most people use proxies to be anonymous and it is obviously important to know which of your proxies are anonymous so as to best protect yourself. Proxy server country location is also important. You may need an IP from the USA, but this can be a problem if your proxy list consists primarily of IPs from China. Obviously a list like this would be of no use to you and using software can dramatically speed up checking the list so you can find out which IPs are from the country you want.

The truth is that while there are many paid elite proxy checker programs on the internet, the best programs to use actually don’t cost you anything. You can also actually check proxy lists online at many websites that provide online tools that will scan and check an entire proxy list online for free. However, if you want to know which is the best software to download and use, then the absolute best to use is Charon. This program provides a large number of features that will allow you to test almost any aspect of a proxy. Spend sometime searching around online and you will find that there are many different software vendors all providing some kind of free tool or software to make checking and scanning proxy server lists easy. There really is no reason to pay for software to check proxy lists with.

Don’t pay for any elite proxy checker software. With such a large number of websites providing online tools to scan proxy lists with, this makes finding a free solution to scanning your proxy lists an easy thing to do. There are also a large number of software vendors providing free downloads of software that allows you to scan proxy lists. While Charon is the most known proxy checking program, don’t stop there. Simply search online and you are bound to find a lot more programs which may offer you the kind of features and functions you are looking for.

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