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Elite Proxy Checker – The Besy Way to Scan Lists of Proxies Fast

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Elite Proxy Checker – The Besy Way to Scan Lists of Proxies Fast

Finding lists of proxies is easy, but finding working proxy servers can be hard. The best thing that you can do if you want to use free proxy servers online is to use an elite proxy checker. Proxy checkers are a simple and easy solution to saving time and making sure that you weed out the bad proxies in your proxy lists and keep only the good ones. However, this brings up another question. Which proxy checking program should you use? Should you go with paid or free proxy checking software? These are difficult questions to answer for anyone who is new to using proxies and knowing the answers to these questions stands to save you a substantial amount of time the next time you go proxy hunting.

If you use proxies then a proxy checker should be something you use on a frequent basis. What makes this so? Checking proxies is vital because many proxy lists you find online just don’t work anymore. You could check the proxies by hand, but it would end up taking many hours. Things you should be concerned about when using proxies is the speed, level of anonymity and country the server is located in. There is no point in using a proxy server if it takes several seconds to load web pages. Proxies like this make doing anything online almost impossible. You should also be checking anonymity levels of proxies. There is no easier way to finding out which proxies in your proxy list are anonymous and which ones aren’t. The majority of proxy users use proxies to be anonymous and it makes sense that you need a simple and easy way to filter our the anonymous from non-anonymous proxies in any list. Proxy server country location is also important. You may need an IP from the USA, but this can be a problem if your proxy list consists primarily of IPs from China. Obviously a list like this would be of no use to you and using software can dramatically speed up checking the list so you can find out which IPs are from the country you want.

Even though there are paid elite proxy checker programs available online, the best programs to use actually don’t cost you anything. There are also several websites that provide an online free proxy checker that will perform all of the above mentioned tests, so you don’t have to actually download anything to your computer. However, if you are looking for a program to download and run from your home computer, then the absolute best to use is Charon. This software will allow you to test many different features of any proxy server list and is completely free. Check around online and you will discover that there are a large number of free programs to check proxies with. With the large number of programs available for free, you will never have to pay for proxy checking software again.

There is no reason you should have to pay for elite proxy checker software. There are so many websites that provide you with the tools to check proxies with that you’ll never run out of places to scan and check proxies with for free. Many companies also provide you with programs to check proxies with that you can download and use for free. While Charon is the most known proxy checking program, don’t stop there. Simply search online and you are bound to find a lot more programs which may offer you the kind of features and functions you are looking for.

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