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Does proxy bidding start as soon as you enter a bid?

February 27, 2012 by admin  
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Question by indian girl: Does proxy bidding start as soon as you enter a bid?

I’m trying to win an item (obviously), but I can’t be on Ebay at the time the auction closes. So, I’ll just use proxy bidding.I know how it works, but does it start as soon as you enter a bid? You don’t have to turn it on or anything so to speak? Thanks.
This is for Ebay.

Best answer:

Answer by johnny
Don’t use proxy bidding. Shill bidders love this to get the max price on the item

Use a sniper.

It’s free on

Enter the item# where it says Free Ebay Sniper

Then, select “2 seconds” and your max bid amount for the item.

This way you don’t have a bid war (most of the time sellers will shill bid w/proxy bidding so they can get max price) and the sniper will bid on the last 2 seconds using your max bid price.

It’s never failed me once!

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