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Do you think the Iraq War is nothing more than a Proxy War between the US and Russia?

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Question by Enigma: Do you think the Iraq War is nothing more than a Proxy War between the US and Russia?

Just like the experts say, Vietnam was a proxy war fought in a small foreign country because of the great differences of the superpowers. The superpowers know that they don’t want war in their own country and they also don’t want to destroy the world, so they fight out these smaller by comparison wars. Isn’t this actually another showdown of power with our friends the Russians again?

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Answer by Dennis H
No this is not a proxy war in the old cold war style. Russia is not actively arming the Iraqis the way that they supplied North Vietnam.
This to me is more a case of making an example of a country that would not yield to American “diplomacy”.

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19 Responses to “Do you think the Iraq War is nothing more than a Proxy War between the US and Russia?”
  1. here to help says:

    No. If we attack Iran,that could very well become a proxy war

  2. Bob D says:

    No. It is not. It is a low scale war between the Middle East Culture and the Western Culture primarily based on oil. Proxy wars is when the troops from the major parties are not directly invovled.

  3. sudonym x says:

    No, it is a proxy war between Isreal and Iran. Isreal got us to fight it for them.

  4. NorteƱo says:

    You got it, right on the nose.
    Well, politically, Russia is trying to convince, where, we, on the other hand actually armed them (middle east) in the first one.
    Actually, it feels like the live proving grounds for military (ours) equipment on live targets (that actually duck) to test their accuracy.

  5. Jeanne D'Arc says:

    No, we are helping Israel wipe out the middle east that’s

    Plus 9-11 was used as a False-Flag Operation to
    enter the war. The government with the help of
    a foreign government attacked its OWN citizens.

    Yeah I said it.

  6. Specter says:

    Your thinking of iran. The ruskies dont give a damn about iraq. They arent arming the iraqis or giving them support of any kind. Well at least I dont think that russia has anything to do with iraq.

  7. jerry z says:


  8. sagacious_ness says:

    In chess, those ‘proxy pieces’ are called ‘pawns’.

  9. khalood_86 says:

    the Russians can hardly put up a fight against the US today. They still possess significant power in Asia but I’d hardly say that the war in Iraq is a proxy btwn the Russians and the US. This has nothing 2 do with the Russians and everything to do with oil, big business, and the all mighty “Military Industrial Complex”…the words of Eisenhower!!!

  10. G-Man says:

    What? No, Iraq was our war and is our blunder that we must finish. If we go to war with Iran then that could become a proxy war between the US and Russia, as we know Russia is supplying Iran with weapons and supplies.

  11. Kiker says:

    I wouldn’t say Russia, though I think you are dead on in calling it a proxy war. It does serve to contain Iran, as we are also in Afghanistan. I think the real intention was to increase our pull over Saudi Arabia. They are the principal financers to Bin Laden, and have been a little reluctant in ceasing the case flow to his organizations. So we increased our influence elsewhere and are giving them a headache to boot. Those Sunni insurgents that are coming from Saudi Arabia, picking up all those neat tricks about guerilla warfare, well they are looking at going home soon and they will be taking those traits with them. The House of Saud is not pleased at this development whatsoever.

  12. path less travelled says:

    War is war and proxies and otherwise are but parts of war.

    What do we know but what we are told? Even the intelligence communities do not agree, even Congress does not agree, the media and the public-policy hounds certainly don’t know. The foreign relations experts, no sooner than they believe they have insights and truths, are proven wholly wrong.

    Today the underpinning may well be over Oil rights and provisioning. But that is no more of concern than any others and in fact, may be the lesser of concerns now.

    Any war today is at once global in implication. And one cannot pinpoint the intent of any one given country any longer.

  13. TheDude says:

    while it might be in the back of some peoples mindset , it is not a proxy war.

  14. Douglas says:

    May be its with Iran not Russia

  15. Spartacus says:

    i think its about the united states in a post september 11 world afraid that saddam hussien was going to get a nuclear weapon and give it to an al kaida terrorist who was going to detonate it in a major US city

    We did the right thing eliminating the dictator, but absolutely made mistakes of not having enough troops or troops from allies and for that I criticize George W Bush’s judgement and leadership.

    I really feel this is a sophisticated position that only the few friends I have made on yahoo and have talked to understand, that is, I’m pro Iraq war, just not “this” version of the war where its half US military and half US corporate america

    this is not what I thought when I supported this going to war 5 years ago

  16. jaycee says:

    Look , we all know that maybe most everyone in the middle east are convinced or are brainwashed…(the educated first, then maybe the rest who knows ) that Israel is the only source for the ill’s in this world and they think that Destroying a land the size of Tennessee(figuratively folks), People of History longer than America’s, a long history of being bullied and defending themselve’s by listening to (GOD)(JEHOVAH) Who see’s the affair’s of all men(all)races(gossip included),to protect ,that by destroying land promised to Abraham and the future Israel will bring Peace…Kumebuyaa…wrong.

  17. brainstorm says:

    No , it’s an attempt by the Bush gang to grab oil resources.
    Russia has got plenty of energy, it sells a lot to other countries.

  18. Jedi squirrels says:

    This world is polarized in two! The west and the east!
    Actually it was not only a war against Russia, but against European interests in the region! Its why most western countries (especially the French, and Canadians) did have done some businesses with Iraq, but the US has no interests in seeing a successful EUROPEAN union become the next world leader, its why the cut up the supplies… As for the real proxy war, it will come with Iran, as Iran is mainly the ally of Russia and China as they both needs its oil! If the US is gona go in Iran it will be to dominate those two other countries, and if he does so, WWIII may ensue quite easily! So beware of the draft!!
    Also, since Germany cannot wage wars on its own, they also like to pay other countries to do so for their own interests, and the US have done so for them more than once already! They want to remain the mains force in the union, so they have no interests to let France or Turkey dominate it anytime soon! So look on this border too… It will warm up!

  19. muslim-doctor says:

    Ever since the United States Army massacred 300 Lakotas in 1890,


    forces have intervened elsewhere around the globe 100 times. Indeed the

    United States has sent troops abroad or militarily struck other


    territory 216 times since independence from Britain. Since 1945 the


    States has intervened in more than 20 countries throughout the world.

    Since World War II, the United States actually dropped bombs on 23

    countries. These include: China 1945-46, Korea 1950-53, China 1950-53,

    Guatemala 1954, Indonesia 1958, Cuba 1959-60, Guatemala 1960, Congo


    Peru 1965, Laos 1964-73, Vietnam 1961-73, Cambodia 1969-70, Guatemala

    1967-69, Grenada 1983, Lebanon 1984, Libya 1986, El Salvador 1980s,

    Nicaragua 1980s, Panama 1989, Iraq 1991-1999, Sudan 1998, Afghanistan


    and Yugoslavia 1999.

    Post World War II, the United States has also assisted in over 20


    coups throughout the world, and the CIA was responsible for half a


    assassinations of political heads of state.

    The following is a comprehensive summary of the imperialist strategy of


    United States over the

    span of the past century:

    Argentina – 1890 – Troops sent to Buenos Aires to

    protect business interests.

    Chile – 1891 – Marines sent to Chile and clashed with

    nationalist rebels.

    Haiti – 1891 – American troops suppress a revolt by

    Black workers on United States-claimed Navassa Island.

    Hawaii – 1893 – Navy sent to Hawaii to overthrow the

    independent kingdom – Hawaii annexed by the United


    Nicaragua – 1894 – Troops occupied Bluefields, a city

    on the Caribbean Sea, for a month.

    China – 1894-95 – Navy, Army, and Marines landed

    during the Sino-Japanese War.

    Korea – 1894-96 – Troops kept in Seoul during the war.

    Panama – 1895 – Army, Navy, and Marines landed in the

    port city of Corinto.

    China – 1894-1900 – Troops occupied China during the

    Boxer Rebellion.

    Philippines – 1898-1910 – Navy and Army troops landed

    after the Philippines fell during the Spanish-American

    War; 600,000 Filipinos were killed.

    Cuba – 1898-1902 – Troops seized Cuba in the

    Spanish-American War; the United States still

    maintains troops at Guantanamo Bay today.

    Puerto Rico – 1898 – present – Troops seized Puerto

    Rico in the Spanish-American War and still occupy

    Puerto Rico today.

    Nicaragua – 1898 – Marines landed at the port of San

    Juan del Sur.

    Samoa – 1899 – Troops landed as a result over the

    battle for succession to the throne.

    Panama – 1901-14 – Navy supported the revolution when

    Panama claimed independence from Colombia. American

    troops have occupied the Canal Zone since 1901 when

    construction for the canal began.

    Honduras – 1903 – Marines landed to intervene during a


    Dominican Rep 1903-04 – Troops landed to protect

    American interests during a revolution.

    Korea – 1904-05 – Marines landed during the

    Russo-Japanese War.

    Cuba – 1906-09 – Troops landed during an election.

    Nicaragua – 1907 – Troops landed and a protectorate

    was set up.

    Honduras – 1907 – Marines landed during Honduras’ war

    with Nicaragua.

    Panama – 1908 – Marines sent in during Panama’s


    Nicaragua – 1910 – Marines landed for a second time in

    Bluefields and Corinto.

    Honduras – 1911 – Troops sent in to protect American

    interests during Honduras’ civil war.

    China – 1911-41 – Navy and troops sent to China during

    continuous flare-ups.

    Cuba – 1912 – Troops sent in to protect American

    interests in Havana.

    Panama – 1912 – Marines landed during Panama’s


    Honduras – 1912 – Troops sent in to protect American


    Nicaragua – 1912-33 – Troops occupied Nicaragua and

    fought guerrillas during its 20-year civil war.

    Mexico – 1913 – Navy evacuated Americans during


    Dominican Rep 1914 – Navy fought with rebels over

    Santo Domingo.

    Mexico – 1914-18 – Navy and troops sent in to

    intervene against nationalists.

    Haiti – 1914-34 – Troops occupied Haiti after a

    revolution and occupied Haiti for 19 years.

    Dominican Rep 1916-24 – Marines occupied the Dominican

    Republic for eight years.

    Cuba – 1917-33 – Troops landed and occupied Cuba for

    16 years; Cuba became an economic protectorate.

    World War I – 1917-18 – Navy and Army sent to Europe

    to fight the Axis powers.

    Russia – 1918-22 – Navy and troops sent to eastern

    Russia after the Bolshevik Revolution; Army made five


    Honduras – 1919 – Marines sent during Honduras’

    national elections.

    Guatemala – 1920 – Troops occupied Guatemala for two

    weeks during a union strike.

    Turkey – 1922 – Troops fought nationalists in Smyrna.

    China – 1922-27 – Navy and Army troops deployed during

    a nationalist revolt.

    Honduras – 1924-25 – Troops landed twice during a

    national election.

    Panama – 1925 – Troops sent in to put down a general


    China – 1927-34 – Marines sent in and stationed for

    seven years throughout China.

    El Salvador – 1932 – Naval warships deployed during

    the FMLN revolt under Marti.

    World War II – 1941-45 – Military fought the Axis

    powers: Japan, Germany, and Italy.

    Yugoslavia – 1946 – Navy deployed off the coast of

    Yugoslavia in response to the downing of an American


    Uruguay – 1947 – Bombers deployed as a show of

    military force.

    Greece – 1947-49 – United States operations insured a

    victory for the far right in national “elections.”

    Germany – 1948 – Military deployed in response to the

    Berlin blockade; the Berlin airlift lasts 444 days.

    Philippines – 1948-54 – The CIA directed a civil war

    against the Filipino Huk revolt.

    Puerto Rico – 1950 – Military helped crush an

    independence rebellion in Ponce.

    Korean War – 1951-53 – Military sent in during the


    Iran – 1953 – The CIA orchestrated the overthrow of

    democratically elected Mossadegh and restored the Shah

    to power.

    Vietnam – 1954 – The United States offered weapons to

    the French in the battle against Ho Chi Minh and the

    Viet Minh.

    Guatemala – 1954 – The CIA overthrew the

    democratically elected Arbenz and placed Colonel Armas

    in power.

    Egypt – 1956 – Marines deployed to evacuate foreigners

    after Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal.

    Lebanon – 1958 – Navy supported an Army occupation of

    Lebanon during its civil war.

    Panama – 1958 – Troops landed after Panamanians

    demonstrations threatened the Canal Zone.

    Vietnam – 1950s-75 – Vietnam War.

    Cuba – 1961 – The CIA-directed Bay of Pigs invasions

    failed to overthrow the Castro government.

    Cuba – 1962 – The Navy quarantines Cuba during the

    Cuban Missile Crisis.

    Laos – 1962 – Military occupied Laos during its civil

    war against the Pathet Lao guerrillas.

    Panama – 1964 – Troops sent in and Panamanians shot

    while protesting the United States presence in the

    Canal Zone.

    Indonesia – 1965 – The CIA orchestrated a military


    Dominican Rep- 1965-66 – Troops deployed during a

    national election.

    Guatemala – 1966-67 – Green Berets sent in.

    Cambodia – 1969-75 – Military sent in after the

    Vietnam War expanded into Cambodia.

    Oman – 1970 – Marines landed to direct a possible

    invasion into Iran.

    Laos – 1971-75 – Americans carpet-bomb the countryside

    during Laos’ civil war.

    Chile – 1973 – The CIA orchestrated a coup, killing

    President Allende who had been popularly elected. The

    CIA helped to establish a military regime under

    General Pinochet.

    Cambodia – 1975 – Twenty-eight Americans killed in an

    effort to retrieve the crew of the Mayaquez, which had

    been seized.

    Angola – 1976-92 – The CIA backed South African rebels

    fighting against Marxist Angola.

    Iran – 1980 – Americans aborted a rescue attempt to

    liberate 52 hostages seized in the Teheran embassy.

    Libya – 1981 – American fighters shoot down two Libyan


    El Salvador – 1981-92 – The CIA, troops, and advisers

    aid in El Salvador’s war against the FMLN.

    Nicaragua – 1981-90 – The CIA and NSC directed the

    Contra War against the Sandinistas.

    Lebanon – 1982-84 – Marines occupied Beirut during

    Lebanon’s civil war; 241 were killed in the American

    barracks and Reagan “redeployed” the troops to the


    Honduras – 1983-89 – Troops sent in to build bases

    near the Honduran border.

    Grenada – 1983-84 – American invasion overthrew the

    Maurice Bishop government.

    Iran – 1984 – American fighters shot down two Iranian

    planes over the Persian Gulf.

    Libya – 1986 – American fighters hit targets in and

    around the capital city of Tripoli.

    Bolivia – 1986 – The Army assisted government troops

    on raids of cocaine areas.

    Iran – 1987-88 – The United States intervened on the

    side of Iraq during the Iran-Iraq War.

    Libya – 1989 – Navy shot down two more Libyan jets.

    Virgin Islands – 1989 – Troops landed during unrest

    among Virgin Island peoples.

    Philippines – 1989 – Air Force provided air cover for

    government during coup.

    Panama – 1989-90 – 27,000 Americans landed in

    overthrow of President Noriega; over 2,000 Panama

    civilians were killed.

    Liberia – 1990 – Troops entered Liberia to evacuate

    foreigners during civil war.

    Saudi Arabia – 1990-91 – American troops sent to Saudi

    Arabia, which was a staging area in the war against


    Kuwait – 1991 – Troops sent into Kuwait to turn back

    Saddam Hussein.

    Somalia – 1992-94 – Troops occupied Somalia during

    civil war.

    Bosnia – 1993-95 – Air Force jets bombed “no-fly zone”

    during civil war in Yugoslavia.

    Haiti – 1994-96 – American troops and Navy provided a

    blockade against Haiti’s military government. The CIA

    restored Aristide to power.

    Zaire – 1996-97 – Marines sent into Rwanda Hutus’

    refugee camps in the area where the Congo revolution


    Albania – 1997 – Troops deployed during evacuation of


    Sudan – 1998 – American missiles destroyed a

    pharmaceutical complex where alleged nerve gas

    components were manufactured.

    Afghanistan – 1998 – Missiles launched towards alleged

    Afghan terrorist training camps.

    Yugoslavia – 1999 – Bombings and missile attacks

    carried out by the United States in conjunction with

    NATO in the 11 week war against Milosevic.

    Iraq – 1998-2001 – Missiles launched into Baghdad and

    other large Iraq cities for four days. American jets

    enforced “no-fly zone” and continued to hit Iraqi

    targets since December 1998.

    These **100** instances of American military

    intervention did not include times when the United


    (1) deployed military police overseas;

    (2) mobilized the National Guard;

    (3) sent Navy ships off the coast of numerous

    countries as a show of strength;

    (4) sent additional troops to areas where Americans

    were already stationed;

    (5) carried out covert actions where American forces

    were not under the direct rule of an American command;

    (6) used small hostage rescue units;

    (7) used American pilots to fly foreign planes;

    (8) carried out military training and advisory

    programs which did not involve direct combat.

    U. S. Government Assassination Plots


    Following is a list of prominent foreign leaders whose assassination

    (or planning for same) the United States has been involved in since

    the end of Second World War. The list does not include several

    assassinations in various parts of the world carried out by anti-Castro

    Cubans employed by CIA and headquartered in the United States:


    1949 – KIm Koo, Korean opposition leader

    1950′s – CIA/Neo-Nazi hit list of numerous political figures in

    West Germany

    1955 – Jose’ Antonio Remon, President of Panama

    1950′s Chou En-lai, Prime Minister of China, several attempts

    on his life

    1951 – Kim Il Sung, Premiere of North Korea

    1950s (mid) – Claro M. Recto, Philippines opposition leader

    1955 – Jawar Lal Nehru, Prime Minister of India

    1959 and 1963 – Norodom Sihanouk, leader of Cambodia

    1950s-70s – Jose Figueres, President of Costa Rica,

    two attempts on his life

    1961 – Francois “Papa Doc”Duvalier, leader of Haiti

    1961 – Patrice Lumumba , Prime Minister of Congo (Zaire)

    1961 – Gen. Rafael Trujillo, leader of Dominican Republic

    1963 – Ngo Dinh Diem, President of South Vietnam

    1960s – Fidel Castro, President of Cuba, more than

    15 attempts on his life

    1960s – Raul Castro, high official in government of Cuba

    1965 – Francisco Caamanao, Dominican Republic opposition leader

    1965 – Pierre Ngendandumwe, Prime Minister of Burundi

    1965-6 – Charles de Gaulle, President of France

    1967 – Che Guevara, Cuban leader

    1970 – Salvadore Allende, President of Chile

    1970 – General Rene Schneider, Commander-in-Chief of Army, Chile

    1970s and 1981 – Gen. Omar Torrijos, leader of Panama

    1972 – General Manuel Noriega, Chief of Panama Intelligence

    1975 – Mobutu Sese Seko, President of Zaire

    1976 – Michael Manley, Prime Minister of Jamaica

    1983 – Miguel d’Escoto, Foreign Minister of Nicaragua

    1984 – The nine commandantes of the Sandanista

    National Directorate

    1980′s – Dr. Gerald Bull, Canadian Ballistics Scientist

    assassinated by Mossad in Belgium.

    Partial List of Muslim Leaders Assassinated or

    Attempted Assassinations

    1950′s Sukarno, President of Indonesia

    1957 Gamal Abdul Nasser, President of Egypt

    1960 Brigadier General, Abdul Karim Kassem, Leader of Iraq

    1980-86 Muammar Qaddafi, Leader of Libya, several plots and

    attempts upon his life

    1982 Ayatullah Khomeini, Leader of Iran

    1983 General Ahmed Dlimi, Moroccan army Commander

    1985 Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Fadllallah, Lebanese Shiite Leader

    (80 people killed in that attempt)

    1991 Saddam Hussein, Leader of Iraq

    Reference: Blum, William, “KILLING HOPE – U.S. Military and

    CIA Interventions Since World War II,” Appendix III

    U.S. Government Assassination Plots, page 453,

    Common Courage Press, Monroe, Maine 1995. ISBN 1-56751-052-3

    Very likely Victims :

    April 4, 1979 – Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Leader of Pakistan, for pursuing



    Nuclear Bomb.

    August, 1988. General Ziaul Haq, Military Leader of Pakistan.

    1995 – Murtaza Bhutto, Son of ZUlfiqar Ali Bhutto, Anti-American

    would-be Leader – Pakistan.

    March 25, 1975 – King Faisal of Saudi Arabia through his Nephew, Saudi


    for imposing 1973 Oil Embargo.

    August 24, 1999. Mullah Mohammad Omar, in Kandhar, Afghanistan.


    “?”List of Known Assassination Plots

    1950′s Sukarno, President of Indonesia

    1957 Gamal Abdul Nasser, President

    2001 Since early this year more than 40 Palestinian leaders


    through surrogate Israel.

    Please visit

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