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Connect to a gaia towns server past a proxy?

November 16, 2012 by admin  
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Question by Aaron: Connect to a gaia towns server past a proxy?

My school proxies xbox live, gaia towns, and world of warcraft. I’d be the most happy about being able to connect to a gaia towns server. I need some sort of way to bypass any of these. Mostly gaia. Any tips?

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Answer by El
This free proxy unblocks most major web sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. It’s restricted to certain sites but it’s a clean proxy that won’t spam you or give you malware.

The IP address changes daily to make it harder to block.

To use it enter the IP address and port 80 in your browser proxy settings.

Today’s address is

You can get the daily address at these sites:

For unblocking serious web filters that detect proxies try this pay for VPN service.

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One Response to “Connect to a gaia towns server past a proxy?”
  1. D says:

    You can try one of the links below. They’re pretty new so they should work in most places, they work with facebook, myspace and youtube and have no download limits.

    You can also bookmark That site puts up 5 new, original (never seen before on any other website to garauntee they haven’t been blocked yet) and fresh proxies every week. That’s 1 new proxy for every school day of the week!!! It also has anonymous email addresses to keep you even safer and more more hidden on the net.

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