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Cod4 10th Prestige Hack+Codes+Tutorial

June 22, 2012 by admin  
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ok heres the hacks and steps…… 1. Plug ure usb into your ps3 2 go to save data utility,open it up 3 copy the cod4 save onto your usb flash drive. 4 delete the save after you copied it to your usb (delete it from saved data utility ) (dont delete it from the usb) …

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25 Responses to “Cod4 10th Prestige Hack+Codes+Tutorial”
  1. uMadVince096 says:

    whats the song?

  2. krizzkrozzapplesauze says:

    I DO THIS HACK!!! FOR FREE!!!! BUT THERE IS A CATCH!!!! i need you account info. i am NOT a hacker or someone who trolls people for there accounts. i have been hacked before. i know? what it feels like. BUT i am offering FREE 10th prestige. also whatever rank you are say 35, when i do this prestige hack your level does not change, only your prestige. so pm me if? you are interested. PS3 ONLY!!! i look forward to getting you all 10th prestige.

  3. 29oalanis says:

    How much levels are there? like from private to lvl 60 or 70

  4. TheOmarz2000 says:

    the update thing wont go away plz? help

  5. EADProductionClan says:

    I am 55 10th but my challenges say “Unlocked at level 5″, but I am 55 gold cross. I was in a private boosting match. Some guns have all attachments, but the ones? I have I can’t get because of locked challenges. Help?

  6. iamskilzz says:

    or just put proxys server as patch.bz and port? as 8080

  7. xillusionsx1 says:

    duno? man

  8. Sebastian Marcondes says:

    the update keeps coming up and wont leave answer and ill? get yu 10 subscribers in 2 hours !

  9. uwilneverges says:

    i cant play cause im on minus lv1

  10. mz1811 says:

    no? delete it and download patchblocker

  11. OvzStudios says:

    Dude click it once,? then right-click “OPEN WITH” then search for notepad lol

  12. kmanntv says:

    go to open with more options than notepad.?

  13. Kinnon Kopp says:

    Whats? the password to the GPAD0?
    please respond

  14. PvtParts212 says:

    what the hell is? notepad?

  15. reinoud1912 says:

    is it? right that the update is version 1.40?

  16. reinoud1912 says:

    please responde!!!!!! i’m? desperate!!

  17. reinoud1912 says:

    i am constantly declining but? it doesn’t go!! please help me what do i need to do… :(

  18. reinoud1912 says:

    what is? ‘patch blocker’?

  19. TheMazegilliam says:

    i need? some to play the cage match with me

  20. adliala98 says:

    i cant see the cod4 update i bought it from the PSN store is there anyway to get rid of the update HELP i’ll subscribe you? if you help

  21. Glennstarrrr says:

    I think they patched the copy and? paste to usb thing now
    It won’t let me copy to usb

  22. TheDonny671 says:

    YOUR AWESOME!!!!!!

  23. giannisvlachousis says:

    me too, we? need help

  24. midibudu says:

    Can someone prestige me in cod 4 and cod 5?!?!?! psn: midibudu plsssss and? thx

  25. wrestlyboyCLAN says:

    I? need help I want roll the dice or any hck where do you download wat to do wid it how to activate/deactivate it

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