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Changing IP By Using A Proxy Server

August 22, 2012 by admin  
Filed under Videos How to have your IP address how up in any country you choose

A video tutorial showing you some good proxy settings for Bitlord. Proxy Settings: Proxy Type: HTTP1.1 Proxy Server: Localhost Proxy Port: 3456 Use Proxy Only for HTTP connections box checked! After these restart bitlord and your download speed will increase ( mine from 20kb/s to 160 kb/s ) Hope this works for you!!! Other Settings: Connection Tab: Global Max Download rate: No limit Global Max Upload rate: 3 Max Simultaneous download tasks: 10 Automaticly start a new task if download rate below : No limit Connection Tab: All three boxes checked; Maximum connections per task: 1000 Connections to keep per task: 350 Global maximum upload slots: 10 Global maximum Upload slots: 3 Socket send buffer size: Auto Socket start interval: 300 Max half-open TCP connections: 50 Use NAT traversal via UDPL: Auto detect These are all my Bitlord Preferences….Hope you enjoyed….. Music: Geo Da Silva-I’ll Do MSN:

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24 Responses to “Changing IP By Using A Proxy Server”
  1. prince joseph says:

    thanks for the tip will check it? and tell :)

  2. Mohd Ridzuan Mohd Abdullah says:

    i use this setting for a few months and it went from? 50kb/s to 400kb/s.but it went down? again.can u tell me how to fix this problem.waiting for your reply.

  3. Mohd Ridzuan Mohd Abdullah says:

    i use this setting for a few months and it went from 50kb/s to 400kb/s.but it went down again.can u? tell me how to fix this problem.waiting for your reply.

  4. XARLOK005 says:

    try using this with cheat? engine 6.1… mine went from around 10kb/s to around 1600kb/s!!!!
    this is without running any other program using the internet while downloading…. and around 1200kb/s will using youtube….pretty reasonable right??? =]

  5. intersanctum says:

    if this didn’t help anything try this, go to the properties in the bitlord then to the advanced, erase trackers that are there, this works when u re downloading already, and put the ones u download from the pirate bay just type there in the search bar this Trackers working!!! uploaded by spatkar17? it works 100% just try and you’ll not regret

  6. AzzySunfire says:

    How safe is this, as in, is there a way to be safer against lawsuits from? torrenting?

  7. austinify100 says:

    thanks man im downloading? at 550 kb/s now!

  8. railstie says:

    nooooo mine? was 150 now 33

  9. l3orecl says:

    start 131kb, 131kb after. Maybe if i had more than 1Mb down to begin with? id see a bigger shift

  10. martchart says:

    didnt work? for me

  11. stickiifinger says:

    well i dont know about the bitlord thing cause all the download mirrors are blocked? here but i must say…….oh like a like a… i do it….like a truck.

  12. sk8rboi987 says:

    went? down by 40 kb/s

  13. sk8rboi987 says:


  14. SirBootsalot says:

    didnt work, made it? worst.

  15. lodb18 says:

    thnx man? this improved my speed by 200kbps

  16. sehman1993 says:

    eeeehhhhh mate you doomed my download speed i only get 5kB/s now ahhhhhhh? thats the chance you take tho im fucking sick now

  17. anj786 says:

    it increased minbe? frm 200kbps to 560kbps am chuffed…THANKS!!

  18. 4lexin4tor says:

    Thanks a lot, boosted my download speed? by 50 :D

  19. pixo45 says:

    i think its working! 55, 104! THANK? YOU!

  20. DarkHunter92 says:

    worked really good, thanks!?

  21. aaronwilson222 says:

    worked? very nice!!

  22. FilipKolevski says:

    nice to hear that…?

  23. FilipKolevski says:

    no problem man…?

  24. citrusRF says:

    hey thanks? for this it worked 4me

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