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Change IP Address – Anonymous IP Rentals – Hide IP Privacy – Anonymizer

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Video Rating: 3 / 5

Fox Investigates some hardcore hackers.


50 Responses to “Change IP Address – Anonymous IP Rentals – Hide IP Privacy – Anonymizer”
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    cute .. like your clip .. keep it up =)

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  13. gatlik09 says:

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    Not realy, someone of? my friends or family has downloaded an file from torrent and we got an letter to pay about 30.000 for lawbreaking so becarefully about torrent use.

  17. Alcani3ca says:

    is the ip they give u? a usa ip?????? plz answer

  18. caraliunr1 says:


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  20. HowHideIP says:

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  23. THEguythatdoes says:

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  24. gstav1997 says:

    well,that changes ur ip address? it doesn’t hide it.

  25. OnlineRouletteSecret says:

    danke :-D ?

  26. 1337Ritz says:

    as soon as i heard “truly epic lulz” from? the narrator , i just lost it

  27. ERR0R9O9 says:

    hey guize let’s go to our secret website! and? plan domestic yellow van bombings!

  28. SineandCosine says:

    habbo hotel was? never a children’s game LOL

  29. MrPoopman9009 says:

    hopefully all the hackers went? to deepweb by now, nothing will stop them from getting lolz

  30. portundra1 says:

    Newfags.? Newfags everywhere.

  31. thenascarguy24 says:

    This is the most hilarious? video I have ever seen.

  32. Lechonico says:

    they can’t stop us let em? try for the internet we will die!!!

  33. TheBIGJIM1999 says:

    lulz? MySpace

  34. ATM180 says:

    oooo thats a threatening? dog!!!

  35. slaytech1992 says:

    “…and? they bought a dog.” Woof woof. 4chan must surrender due to canine resistance.

  36. NerdifyYourself says:

    Fuck? you, fox news.

  37. BostonKingKush says:

    @unluckyvevo? 12chan trumped all. Ew.

  38. RUL1S88 says:

    Dear diary, today OP was a? faggot.

  39. R0bTheSnob says:

    Lost it at 3:50
    “She installed electronic security , a phone tracing system, and bought a dog”
    LOL she bought a dog??

  40. eiop88 says:

    Lulz.. Fox is a? bunch of newfags..

  41. lashway86 says:

    Never change fox. I always want to laugh? at your stupidity. FOREVER.

  42. unluckyvevo says:

    @Ep1cnezz nah? 9gag is worse

  43. Ep1cnezz says:

    4chan is the most disgusting? community on the internet.

  44. TheTurtle61 says:

    u go fox!! shut down dem hackas? they be killen ppl!!

  45. 0644742766 says:


  46. HotCheetis says:

    gay porn? is the way to break someone’s relationship. lulz

  47. y2kFUNtime says:

    is david the guy from how i? met your mother?

  48. watcher2405 says:


  49. Nikolai2999 says:

    /i/ invasion? BWAHAHAHAHAHAH?

  50. MOSTLYxTOAST says:

    ‘anonymous has their secret underground websites’ *shows 4chan* hahahahahahah? lets play a drinking game… just drink every time this video is ignorant. oh wait. thats the whole video. just drink until you cant tell your floor appart from the cieling

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