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Can you get a virus while using a proxy?

December 9, 2012 by admin  
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Question by mind-scaper: Can you get a virus while using a proxy?

Hello. I’ve seen the use of proxy servers to get around certain security measures, albeit light, and it occurred to me to ask: While using a proxy on the internet, such as, is it possible to still get computer viruses? Thank you and Good bye.

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Answer by Morty
Yes it is, even though you are working through another IP everything still traces back to yours.

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5 Responses to “Can you get a virus while using a proxy?”
  1. mike b says:

    yes, a proxy just hides your ip address, weather you are using a proxy or not you can still get viruses and that other junk, as long as your computer stays protected with something like norton, avg, or avast you will be fine.

  2. Benjamin F says:

    If you were to navigate to a website using the proxy and download potentially unwanted software then yes the possibility of gaining a virus would happen. Remember to always have your Anti Virus on when download files from unknown places, Vtunnel is a safe proxy to use and will hide your real IP for the amount of time using it but it will not act the same as normal browsing there’s a possibility that you may run into a malware website which makes your computer prone to viruses that can be potentially unsafe.

  3. Ariful Islam says:

    Yes! YEs! YES. those sites are full of virus. Use another program to hide your ID like Tor browser. It is best.

  4. tbshmkr says:

    Viruses can be anywhere you connect on the Internet.

  5. SH says:

    Not only can you but the odds are that you will. There is also the big chance of identity theft.

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