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Can i post on craigslist using proxy server?

July 19, 2012 by admin  
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Question by Michael P: Can i post on craigslist using proxy server?

I want to post ads on craigslist USA but im living out side the US.

If i use proxy server, will it work?

Or do you have any idea on how can i post in craigslist USA even if im living outside US?

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Answer by Jake
Well craigslist goes by state, so theirs no way you would unless you posted it in every state, and why do you need to post in USA?

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One Response to “Can i post on craigslist using proxy server?”
  1. Raj H says:

    Free proxies are major sources of malware and identity theft. Don’t use them.

    Craigslist scans for proxies and will detect them as well.

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