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C-Force Tutorial

January 22, 2012 by admin  
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default C Force Tutorial

***This is for the benefit of educational purposes*** This is how we get free passes for sites. C-Force only works on sites that are called Pop-Up sites. Example, when you click on Members Sign In, and then the USERNAME/PASSWORD box pops-up, yeah its a pop up site. You will have to download C-Force from google as CarpetBoy has the download and this cracker program belongs to him. To get Charon(where it gives you anonymous proxies from the proxies you found) can be found on google too. If you need more additional help, go to CLICK HERE TO SURF ANONYMOUSLY. Countries like China block internet sites. With VPN connection you can surf the web anonymously and unblock sites like Facebook, Twitter and more. In this video we show you how to use a VPN connection with VPNMaster.


49 Responses to “C-Force Tutorial”
  1. NarutoShippuuden0001 says:

    charon finds no good? proxy :( i used the proxys from proxy finder

  2. zakriya29 says:

    Hey i did everything right but when i enter the cracket? url nothing happens..

  3. bawnglian says:

    best i’ve seen so far…thanks?

  4. batadjoko says:

    hey dude your tut is FREAKIN AWESOME…where are you from… :D i need some more detailed instructions…cuz i got this address and i cant seem to go to that page u had >>zito75:hardcore@members…< < etc..... can u contact me by email...its

  5. alexcetera says:

    I need the serial for Proxy Finder. ? Please

  6. wxuil says:

    that’s weird , i can’t load my wordlist ….. it show 0 loaded, but there’s about 240000 in? my wordlist, how that happened?

  7. telnetcarlos says:


  8. topsi44 says:

    Get? private tools

  9. topsi44 says:

    Get private? tools

  10. csforlife20 says:

    does the? wordlists format contain just words like apple, grape, etc or words like apple:grape, red:yellow, etc?

  11. ispd123 says:

    when c-force is done, it says? 16 hits, and then it says 16 probably fakes. Then when i try the links username/password, none of them works……help?

  12. InvalidxTarget says:

    @andrewboswelll Either Charon or Proxy Checker will work for sorting he dead from? the active.

  13. p0seyd0n says:

    hey dude .. i buyed the proxyfinder enterprise .and it finded me like 8.000 ip’s now i save them and load the txt file into the charon .. after waiting 1.5 hours the list finnaly was loaded into charon then i do like you and click check proxyes and select anonymous and guess what … from 8k it finds me 4 anonimous proxies … wtf ? dude? ? help me pls what i do wrong ? do i have to configure charon ? oh and my ip is dynamic changes with every modem restart help me pls :)

  14. kronkdri says:

    so much 200 proxy, i am? work 20 aprox

  15. telnetcarlos says:


    You are correct, but the main focus of this tut is for CForce. If I have time, I’ll try and post a tut for Charon? and the proxy judge.

  16. telnetcarlos says:


    Proxy finder will only find you 2,000 proxies. After? you need to use the program called Charon to filter out all the good Anonymous proxies.
    For a good word list, visit ForumTeam3X(dot)com. Some members will help. Some.

  17. andrewboswelll says:

    proxy finder wont give me any good proxies :/ and where do i get a good wordlist? from?

  18. MobinPolte says:

    i’ve a good wordlist i have enough proxies and? i found “acesses”but they don’t work what’s false??

  19. juampix031189 says:

    I need help, program “charon”… it dont found anonymous proxy, i use the “proxy finder” for search of proxy’s , what? i do?

  20. juampix031189 says:

    I? need help, program “charon”… it dont found anonymous proxy, i use the “proxy finder” for search of proxy’s , what i do?

  21. iSystemError says:

    Learn to use Raptor 3….That program is for leeching wordlist
    and with that you need? Athena

  22. iSystemError says:

    This tutorial is totally unclear…
    People probably will not be able to understand what it is because you showed the
    poorly how to use it….If you want to create something better show them where do you get proxy judge or at charon site option etc.
    I just? give advice I do not want to quarrel

  23. 90antiemos90 says:

    Due where i can? fin the combo-list?

  24. telnetcarlos says:

    On the information, there is a site you can go to. Sometimes they have? wordlist created for you.

  25. CapSlapAHoe says:

    Dude so like where can I find wordlists?

    Google? is no help

  26. sasa07100 says:


  27. sasa07100 says:


  28. sasa07100 says:


  29. sasa07100 says:


  30. abusrhd says:


  31. qeesse says:

    Sexse free?

  32. Cherruyue says:


  33. abdelrahman142 says:

    Type on google ‘VpnAccounts’ and click on the first website. It’s so Cheap + Fast.

    It supports:


    I have been using? it for the past 2 weeks. It works perfectly (better than all the VPN i ever used)


  34. AILEENROBERTAify says:

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  35. piyangasadamli says:

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  36. pdisanyaka says:

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  37. ranidymalshika says:

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  38. frusynesha says:

    asian bridals here? # #

  39. IsaSald13 says:

    this sounds good. i’ll check it? out thanks

  40. Ted0 says:

    this? works!

  41. acedes46 says:

    very? usefull

  42. acedes46 says:

    very? usefull

  43. doublev316 says:

    very useful ?

  44. mrdevinmonroe says:

    This site sounds? pretty interesting, i am definitely gonna check it out.

  45. krosas10 says:

    nicee? videoo

  46. MrErnestK says:

    This? is a great video, thank you for it. I learned something new. 5 Stars .

  47. joshsage0 says:

    nice? vid

  48. K1LLJOY1 says:

    very? good

  49. scotch18 says:

    Thanks,extreamly helpful-5? Stars

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