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Bypass school/college firewalls or surf anonymously

November 8, 2012 by admin  
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Pingfu, http tunneling product which helps bypass restrictive firewalls and proxy servers and browse the internet anonymously.Access myspace/orkut etc. Lightning speeds make it perfect for gaming. To Bypass firewalls/surf anonymously go to


6 Responses to “Bypass school/college firewalls or surf anonymously”
  1. LeeFH says:

    i’m in a college who blocks bittorrent. can? i use this to get torrent to work? thanks!

  2. 033682 says:

    her in tunisia? all proxies not fonction …

  3. nickolasnickleby says:

    google artofping and go to the first result? for details…

  4. nickolasnickleby says:

    “does this work? for websense”

    Yes it does

  5. neyway says:

    does? this work for websense

  6. fasterraper says:

    or? just use your cmd and get the ping lol

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