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Bypass proxy without any programs , an easy way using the browser

June 19, 2012 by admin  
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bypass your country’s proxy with out any programs , just use your mozilla fire fox , an easy and 100% working way

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24 Responses to “Bypass proxy without any programs , an easy way using the browser”
  1. thestephingasper says:

    oh wel thnx 4 replyn:-)?

  2. hima2013 says:

    Any? version man will do it.

  3. thestephingasper says:

    hey cn u tel me wich version of firefox wer u using? in d video?

  4. Annasthestrange says:

    can you? give one proxy for saudi arabia that works plz ???
    i cant use the proxy checker beacause it blocked !!!!

  5. dzikputih says:

    no need..ive change my? DNS server address..see my video

  6. hima2013 says:

    : choose a proxy that is near to your location , a country beside you will be perfect ,? .. the far the proxy , the slower the connection

  7. dzikputih says:

    thanks? man..IT WORKED..!!..i can open megaupload in MALAYSIA..LOL..thanks..but it a littlebit slow..

  8. mccclearn says:

    WATCH PORN if its been blocked and request your favorite videos to be posted check my video out..? my sites passes blocking.. THANKS also comment

  9. ModzZCreature says:

    does this? mean i can bypass websense

  10. TheMonofiq says:

    this is? really gooooooooooood :D

  11. hima2013 says:

    : sometimes it? doesn’t bypass from the first time , try more than once and it’ll finally bypass it.

  12. Mar10nii says:

    1 dude didn’t bypass? a proxy

  13. hima2013 says:

    : one goal is to unlock the locked sites in your country , other is to make a bad thing over the internet and make it hard? for any body to trace you , another thing is to have a maximum speed of download from some servers if you’re in another country like U.S or England.

  14. qiplayer says:

    what’s the goal of? bypassing proxys?

  15. qiplayer says:

    what’s? the goal of bypassing proxys with bitteorrent?

  16. mancool124 says:


  17. hima2013 says:

    search for another proxy page .. the? concept is the important thing

  18. zezo00zezo says:


  19. zezo00zezo says:

    this proxy page not? work

  20. hima2013 says:

    : what links do you mean ? … which step of? the three you are facing a problem with ?

  21. hima2013 says:

    : I didn’t tell you the types of proxies , because you won’t be feeling the difference … search google for the differnece just for your information?

  22. MrMyBalic says:

    thank you :) ?

  23. MrMyBalic says:

    thank you :) ?

  24. zezo00zezo says:

    This does not work, because my Government prevent these? links
    What to do??

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